Arrest by Anger


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An LAPD Favorite

-by Bill Watkins 5/22/2017

Police Corruption

CPC 236:
False imprisonment is the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another.

CPC 832.5 (a) (1) Each department or agency in this state that employs peace officers shall establish a procedure to investigate complaints by members of the public against the personnel of these departments or agencies, and shall make a written description of the procedure available to the public.

BPC 6068 Attorney Duties:
(a) To support the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state.
(f) To advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which he or she is charged.
(g) Not to encourage either the commencement or the continuance of an action or proceeding from any corrupt motive of passion or interest


Once I posed the dangers of involving anger in police work to a Sergeant at LAPD’s Hollenbeck Division headquarters.

He answered back with enthusiasm:

“Anger helps us.  I believe it is good for officers.”

I’ve personally been arrested by LAPD twice without evidence or probable cause.  The arrests were made when I stood on the Constitution, asserted my rights…

And they got mad.


For both arrests, by the way, I swiftly went to court and proved my factual innocence to a judge, and am still awaiting City of Los Angeles reimbursements for the troubles they caused me, financially and otherwise.

The total personal financial cost of LAPD mistakes to me:

$2500 in bail money.

Twenty total hours lost in actual time in my life; about fifty total hours of affect, as I lost two days due to a sleep-deprived jail stay in one of those illegal arrests.

If one wondered, the criminal code for arresting and detaining a California citizen illegally without probable cause is CPC 236, spelled out above.

But practice and code are two different things, and one would be very hard-pressed to find any filings of charges against police officers in this state for a CPC 236 violation.

Unfortunately, police—including the LAPD, are protected in a biased perversion of another big code: CPC 832.5.

That is the code used and abused by City and District Attorney offices to keep a corrupt cycle of “police investigating police” whirling and swirling.

The wording is key: “complaints by members of the public against” police officers…

Complaints.  Okay, “They were rude.”  “Unprofessional.”  “Made me feel bad.”  “Made me feel scared.”  “Did not say ‘please’ or ‘thank you.”  “The officer was discourteous and ordered me around too much.”

What about Criminal Charges???

“He hurt my shoulder.”  “They had no evidence, got mad, then roughly cuffed me and arrested me.”  Those are crimes, if true.  CPC 240 Assault, and CPC 236 Illegal Detainment.

Shouldn’t a differentiation be made between “complaints” and “criminal charges?”

Shouldn’t an independent investigator without ties to police officers investigate all criminal complaints against police?

If there is a professional standards issue, by all means—832.5 plays, and the Internal Affairs process can have their way, decide if officers did wrong.

But with criminal charges:

We need to budget and acquire a way to independently investigate a police officer—like any other citizen—of culpability in that crime.

Nixon was not above the law.  Trump is not above the law.  Neither should cops be above the law, and neither should city and district attorneys claim them as “clients” to create even more bias in the process.

The Attorney’s Oath must be followed.

Why Lawrence O’Donnell Should Stay at MSNBC


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-by Bill Watkins 5/19/2017

Lawrence O'Donnell

Frankly, I’m writing for an old principle brought up in the news this week repeatedly.  When the concept was discussed, it was done so with a negative light about it:


A next door neighbor to loyalty is gratitude.

And while the suspicious Donald Trump throws the term around like a mob boss seeking favors, MSNBC’s veteran star, Lawrence O’Donnell, deserves the word’s best connotations.

The Last Word’s best.

I started watching Lawrence just this year, I won’t lie.  In fact, Ari Melber was guest hosting his show when I picked up the 10 pm EST slot habit.

Ari was great, a tough act to follow when Lawrence came back from a break, but ever since, I can see why Lawrence has been so successful.

O’Donnell not only engages, but is a consummate team player.  Has humility and grace.  Knowledge of law and policy.  A lawyer’s affinity for argument, goes farther than a moderate would go to make some points—but that is who he is, at MSNBC since their start in 1996!

Goes all the way back to the beginning of the channel.

Why I hope he and they work out a win-win deal for both parties as they discuss contracts this month.  There’s really no reason for someone like me to chime in on an adult’s relationship with other adults.  They will do what they do, but…

Lately in life and in business, I smell so much greed and ADD, that I fear decisions get made not from love but from… Greed and ADD.

The doom of men is that they forget.
—Merlin, Excalibur

Don’t forget, MSNBC.  Don’t forget how you started, and who chipped in, who supported and sacrificed, who does what the team needs to be done, who is an elder statesman who might want to move on on his own terms soon, anyway!!!

Because that is what a team player does.

Lawrence O’Donnell is skilled to be the number one guy somewhere.  But there he is on MSNBC, on deck after that channel’s number one, Rachel Maddow.

He revels in supporting her, is grateful for her skills, and tells her often not just as a newsman should, but as a Nice person anywhere should.

O’Donnell is a smile, a skill, a hobby, a fixture at 10 pm.

Within reason, and under God’s good guidance, I hope that he not greed and ADD, will decide when and how to leave.

Puritan America:


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Hypocrites and Perverts

-by Bill Watkins 5/19/2017

Holier than Thou

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.
—Proverbs 5:18

The Anthony Weiner case reminded me of a great American tradition: Hypocrisy.

That and our built-in age discrimination.

How many times does the Constitution hoist “age” as a qualification for office?

Three.  One must be twenty-five to run for Congress.  Thirty to run for the Senate.  And thirty-five to run for the presidency.

And one must be eighteen to be considered worthy of a vote in our process and many other rights of so-called “adults.”

That is discrimination.

Google defines discrimination as:  the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

Google defines prejudice as: a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

A forty-year old man swerves to the voting booth, drunk and jaded.

“It’s okay, he’s the right age.”

A twelve year old has studied every candidate, has a favorite, knows the issues, wants to help…  But:

“I’m sorry, you are not the right age.”


There is a similar problem, the real “puritan” one that got me writing today:

Anthony Weiner.  A fifteen year old.  Distributing pornographic material.

That’s a puritan-style “offense” if I ever heard one.  I think that girl will survive.

In fact, that girl may have been a woman.  Not by law, but by nature.

Many want to throw stones at Anthony Weiner, and I say with that rebellious rabbi, that “he without sin may cast the first stone.”

We coddle our children out of their rights.

A woman is a woman, when she has working reproductive parts.

A man is a man, when he can produce a child.

That is the pagan view, the first people view, the pre-religion view, and I think it has more value and truth in it than puritanical laws that block love.

The devil wants to divide us.  “Call them terrorists!!  Call those perverts!!  Call those ones adults!!  Call those guys children!!”

The devil hates simplicity: Love defeating hate.  Good defeating evil.

Forgiveness, hope, sexual intercourse by consenting people.  A disaster for the devil, who wants us to fear and judge others.

Love is good, folks.  No matter the age.

Forgiveness is the best part of us.  So perhaps we can love each other.  Start with Anthony.  Or his supposed victim—actually a discriminated against young person!!

Freedom is spouted as a virtue by those who wrote the laws that make themselves free, while others suffer as their servants.

Free our children.

Free them to vote.  To have sex.  To speak.  To dance.  To sing!!!

Let’s come back, not to the religious God only…

But to the place with less words.  The rite of passage ceremony.  The recognition that we are men and women long before current laws deem us as such.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Fly Helicopters


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4th Amendment Flight

10. Enjoy Earth, don’t Burn It to Fly Over It.

9. Be Quiet.  Enjoy Quiet.  Trust Quiet and Peace.

8. Realize Life is as Much about What is Behind us as in Front.  Slow Down.

7. “Earth is the Right Place for Love.”  –Robert Frost

6. “Don’t know where it’s likely to go better…”  –Robert Frost

5. It hurts to fly loud machines, more than it helps.

4. Be nice to your Ears.

3. Don’t risk the addiction of fast, loud flight.  The PTSD.

2. “Earth is the right place for Love.  I’m not sure where it’s likely to go better.”  –Robert Frost, reprised

1. God wants you to slow down.  Listen to a Jack Johnson song.  Fall back in love with yourself and the Earth, the Great Mother.

Stop burning her, making noise, speeding past happiness.

Charges Against Trump


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The Argument for Impeachment

-by Bill Watkins 5/17/2017 edited 5/18/2017

Collusion Russia Trump1

There are matters under investigation by professionals at the FBI.  Pending matters that will bear in any Trump impeachment argument.

Extent of Trump involvement in coordinating the Russian infiltration of the 2016 U.S. election process is just not known at this time.

What is known?  And is what we know so far enough for an impeachment?

January 4th, 2017:

Dereliction of Duty, Security Breach, Vetting

According to multi-sourced reporting, Michael Flynn attorneys warn the White House transition team that Flynn was under FBI investigation for being an unreported foreign agent.

January 20th, 2017:

Michael Flynn is sworn in as National Security Advisor anyway.

January 27th, 2017:  (

1. Dereliction of Duty

*Sally Yates makes a second in-person warning about Michael Flynn, which is ignored by the White House.

*Trump issues an unconstitutional travel ban—an order not likely to be enforced by Yates, allowing Trump “grounds” for firing her the following Monday.

2. Comey Dinner, Tampering with an Ongoing FBI investigation, Possible Obstruction of Justice

*Suspicious Comey/Trump Dinner planned and executed for the evening of January 27th, while travelers are stranded and detained nation-wide due to Trump’s unconstitutional ban unlikely to be enforced by whistleblower AG Sally Yates.

February 14th, 2017:

Obstruction of Justice.

According to a James Comey memo, reported on first by the New York Times just yesterday—Donald Trump pulled his FBI director aside in a personal meeting, asked him to “this this go,” referring to any Michael Flynn investigation.

This was a day after Flynn resigned under the pressure of a Washington Post piece that outed Flynn’s inappropriate talk with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyac about U.S. sanctions.

March 22nd, 2017:

Nunes Dance – Obstruction/White House Involved

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes runs around the White House, collecting top secret documents from White House staff, then claiming to inform the White House/Trump on the matter the next day.  (

March 25th, 2017:

Devin Nunes cancels a House Intelligence public hearing scheduled for the following Tuesday, where Sally Yates was due to testify, thwarting the Committee’s investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and that interference.

April 25, 2017:

According to sourced reporting, Trump reaches out to Michael Flynn, fired since February and still under FBI investigation—tells him to “stay strong.”

May 9th, 2017:

Firing Comey – Obstruction of Justice

Trump fires James Comey, chief investigator into Trump’s campaign.  Lester Holt’s (NBC) May 11th interview reflects Trump’s intent to fire the FBI chief over the Russia/Trump investigation.

May 10th, 2017:

Treason, Dereliction, Mishandling Classified Documents

Trump does a Russian tap-dance in Oval Office with Lavrov and Kislyac.

Trump allegedly gives classified information to the Russians, allows Russian photographers into the meeting, barring U.S. press.

May 16th, 2017:

Comey Memo leaks to the New York Times, more Republicans speaking of the need for an “independent investigator” to handle the Russia case.

Justin Amash (R, Michigan), Walter Jones (R, North Carolina) and Carlos Curbelo (R, Florida) are the first Republicans to talk of possible impeachment proceedings.

The Last Gasp of the Racist, Sexist Right Wing


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-by Bill Watkins 5/15/2017


Evolution is alive, but sometimes you cannot tell.

The old, racist, white right wing holds on, because it is “manly” and “strong” to do so.

Women and minorities are “weak;” they must remain in their place.

A black president with a crazy Muslim name must be hated—is certainly the enemy.

Hillary Clinton?  “I do declare, with my southern drawl, Madame: that Hillary Clinton suffers from improper genitalia to properly execute the office of president, or any other.”

So the Republicans sold out their morality to support the immoral, sexist, racist, uneducated self-proclaimed “smart person,” Donald Trump.

Shady Trump.  Hidden Taxes Trump.  Friend of Putin Trump.

Old and white.  Tillerson.  Old and white.  Grassley and McConnell.  Old and white.

Holding on…


The answer is not a stronger left wing.

As a former racist, sexist, alcoholic, white right winger, I can fairly report that two things helped me to evolve into a liberal, open-minded person:

1. Sobriety
2. Love


Love you congressmen and senators, people.  Love them.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive them.  The only thing worse than being abused by racism and sexism might very well be:

To be racist and sexist.

The Optics of Trump’s January 27th


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(Reality Just As Bad)

-by Bill Watkins 5/12/2017


I thought May 10th was bad.

Trump fired Comey the day before, then hosted a fun upbeat meet and greet with Russian officials in the Oval Office.

That football spike was initiated with a Tillerson/Lavrov dance in front of the press, where veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell was blasted with sarcasm and insult by the Russian.

Tillerson just chuckled, as he did when Mitchell and other pressmates were ridiculed by Lavrov in Russia last month.

Nothing could be worse, optically or truthfully, than that May 10th Russian tap dance in our white house.

Then James Clapper appeared on Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show today, and gave more information about his friend James Comey’s dinner with Trump…


Alarm bells went off.  I was having a Rachel Maddow “aha!” moment, there in my bedroom.  (So I slept in a bit, I’m in L.A. the helicopters kept me up late last night!!)


Let’s go over Donald Trump’s January 27th, as I now see it, with Clapper’s clarification.

1. Sally Yates and intelligence aide visit the White House for the second time in two days, meet with White House Counsel, Don McGahn, and an aid of his.

2. McGahn asks the legal implications of AG Yates’ Michael Flynn warning, goes over some of the details not covered the day before, about Flynn’s being compromised and vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.

3. Donald Trump issues an unconstitutional Immigration Ban Order.

I did not skip steps.  I know; he did not sideline Flynn, suspend his security clearance while they investigated Yates’ statements.

Flynn still stood by Trump’s side.  Rolling out an order not likely to be enforced by Sally Yates.


5. Host that dinner.

6. Now… turn on the news to hear what they talked about, folks.


That’s quite a little Friday, the first one after Trump’s inauguration.

Makes me wonder if George W. Bush might read that January 27th Trump agenda, graduate past calling it “some weird shit.”

Maybe we are 100 percent at “Nixonian obstruction of justice, collusion and treasonous shit, man…”

How Team America Thwarts the UN and World Peace


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-by Bill Watkins 5/10/2017


Click here to learn when the United States “government” began to formally thwart the United Nations’ expressed mission of world peace:

“Covert ops” are acts of war.

Killing Democracy One Secret At a Time


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The History of “Classified”

-by Bill Watkins 5/11/2017


The term “Classified” came from “Classified Top Secret” or “Classified Secret” or “Classified Confidential” but over time was shortened to simply “Classified.” (

It’s a problem when words get shortened, phrases economized over time—when we forget their origins.

Keeping “secrets” is undemocratic; does not jibe with “rule by the people,” when the people are not told the truth by leaders.

The shortening of “Classified Top Secret” to “Classified” allows a slow and steady murder of democratic ideals, regarding information and its availability to Joe Public.

“We’re not going to say ‘secret’ anymore, we are going to use the word ‘classified,’ put that one over the people.  Then of course relate to them that the matter needs to stay a secret in the interest of…”


And now the world of fascist euphemism runs wild; “national security” covering all nature of secrets and sin, justifying say… the murder of John F. Kennedy by CIA as a matter of National Security.

Documents related to that matter kept secret for over fifty-three years, originally meant to be stored in a secret vault for seventy-five years.

We don’t have a democracy in America, people.  It is gone.

It left the minute CIA killed John Kennedy, and locked up all proof around that.

Wake up, demand the truth, and pray to the God we’ve crucified as political and religious.

God is good.  Is Good Orderly Direction.  Is concept.  Is power.

Atheism is the great myth, Bill Maher:

Unless you, sir, are a Power greater than yourself.

Comey Refuses to Go


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Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing

-by Bill Watkins 5/10/2017

Trump + Comey

What if Comey said “No.”

No, I refuse to leave.

Let’s compare Trump’s political clout with Comey’s.

Let’s compare Trump’s army with Comey’s.

I feel that if push really came to shove, James Comey could beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head fight.

Fist fight, of course. But even an existential confrontation.

What if Comey refused to leave his office?

Is Trump going to get Senator Grassley to limp over and haul the six foot seven patriot to vacate the building?

“Fuck you, I’m not leaving.”

And watch Senator Grassley limp away, call his mom or wife, whichever applies his emotional bandages.

I’m waiting in the twenty-four hours until Trump resigns, for a news report that says:

“Comey Refuses to Go; Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing.”

For now my little fantasy will have to do.

Stay strong, Big Man. Keep praying, America…