The Last Gasp of the Racist, Sexist Right Wing


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-by Bill Watkins 5/15/2017


Evolution is alive, but sometimes you cannot tell.

The old, racist, white right wing holds on, because it is “manly” and “strong” to do so.

Women and minorities are “weak;” they must remain in their place.

A black president with a crazy Muslim name must be hated—is certainly the enemy.

Hillary Clinton?  “I do declare, with my southern drawl, Madame: that Hillary Clinton suffers from improper genitalia to properly execute the office of president, or any other.”

So the Republicans sold out their morality to support the immoral, sexist, racist, uneducated self-proclaimed “smart person,” Donald Trump.

Shady Trump.  Hidden Taxes Trump.  Friend of Putin Trump.

Old and white.  Tillerson.  Old and white.  Grassley and McConnell.  Old and white.

Holding on…


The answer is not a stronger left wing.

As a former racist, sexist, alcoholic, white right winger, I can fairly report that two things helped me to evolve into a liberal, open-minded person:

1. Sobriety
2. Love


Love you congressmen and senators, people.  Love them.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive them.  The only thing worse than being abused by racism and sexism might very well be:

To be racist and sexist.

The Optics of Trump’s January 27th


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(Reality Just As Bad)

-by Bill Watkins 5/12/2017


I thought May 10th was bad.

Trump fired Comey the day before, then hosted a fun upbeat meet and greet with Russian officials in the Oval Office.

That football spike was initiated with a Tillerson/Lavrov dance in front of the press, where veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell was blasted with sarcasm and insult by the Russian.

Tillerson just chuckled, as he did when Mitchell and other pressmates were ridiculed by Lavrov in Russia last month.

Nothing could be worse, optically or truthfully, than that May 10th Russian tap dance in our white house.

Then James Clapper appeared on Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show today, and gave more information about his friend James Comey’s dinner with Trump…


Alarm bells went off.  I was having a Rachel Maddow “aha!” moment, there in my bedroom.  (So I slept in a bit, I’m in L.A. the helicopters kept me up late last night!!)


Let’s go over Donald Trump’s January 27th, as I now see it, with Clapper’s clarification.

1. Sally Yates and intelligence aide visit the White House for the second time in two days, meet with White House Counsel, Don McGahn, and an aid of his.

2. McGahn asks the legal implications of AG Yates’ Michael Flynn warning, goes over some of the details not covered the day before, about Flynn’s being compromised and vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.

3. Donald Trump issues an unconstitutional Immigration Ban Order.

I did not skip steps.  I know; he did not sideline Flynn, suspend his security clearance while they investigated Yates’ statements.

Flynn still stood by Trump’s side.  Rolling out an order not likely to be enforced by Sally Yates.


5. Host that dinner.

6. Now… turn on the news to hear what they talked about, folks.


That’s quite a little Friday, the first one after Trump’s inauguration.

Makes me wonder if George W. Bush might read that January 27th Trump agenda, graduate past calling it “some weird shit.”

Maybe we are 100 percent at “Nixonian obstruction of justice, collusion and treasonous shit, man…”

How Team America Thwarts the UN and World Peace


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-by Bill Watkins 5/10/2017


Click here to learn when the United States “government” began to formally thwart the United Nations’ expressed mission of world peace:

“Covert ops” are acts of war.

Killing Democracy One Secret At a Time


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The History of “Classified”

-by Bill Watkins 5/11/2017


The term “Classified” came from “Classified Top Secret” or “Classified Secret” or “Classified Confidential” but over time was shortened to simply “Classified.” (

It’s a problem when words get shortened, phrases economized over time—when we forget their origins.

Keeping “secrets” is undemocratic; does not jibe with “rule by the people,” when the people are not told the truth by leaders.

The shortening of “Classified Top Secret” to “Classified” allows a slow and steady murder of democratic ideals, regarding information and its availability to Joe Public.

“We’re not going to say ‘secret’ anymore, we are going to use the word ‘classified,’ put that one over the people.  Then of course relate to them that the matter needs to stay a secret in the interest of…”


And now the world of fascist euphemism runs wild; “national security” covering all nature of secrets and sin, justifying say… the murder of John F. Kennedy by CIA as a matter of National Security.

Documents related to that matter kept secret for over fifty-three years, originally meant to be stored in a secret vault for seventy-five years.

We don’t have a democracy in America, people.  It is gone.

It left the minute CIA killed John Kennedy, and locked up all proof around that.

Wake up, demand the truth, and pray to the God we’ve crucified as political and religious.

God is good.  Is Good Orderly Direction.  Is concept.  Is power.

Atheism is the great myth, Bill Maher:

Unless you, sir, are a Power greater than yourself.

Comey Refuses to Go


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Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing

-by Bill Watkins 5/10/2017

Trump + Comey

What if Comey said “No.”

No, I refuse to leave.

Let’s compare Trump’s political clout with Comey’s.

Let’s compare Trump’s army with Comey’s.

I feel that if push really came to shove, James Comey could beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head fight.

Fist fight, of course. But even an existential confrontation.

What if Comey refused to leave his office?

Is Trump going to get Senator Grassley to limp over and haul the six foot seven patriot to vacate the building?

“Fuck you, I’m not leaving.”

And watch Senator Grassley limp away, call his mom or wife, whichever applies his emotional bandages.

I’m waiting in the twenty-four hours until Trump resigns, for a news report that says:

“Comey Refuses to Go; Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing.”

For now my little fantasy will have to do.

Stay strong, Big Man. Keep praying, America…




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-by Bill Watkins and Robert Frost


When I see lies hurt left and right,
Across party lines equally,
I like to think my president didn’t make them.
But making lies isn’t bad enough—
You have to Act.  Often you must have
Seen DJT’s lies loaded with blaming
Others and advancing his bank account.
They click against each other on Twitter,
One lie after another getting in line
To be the next lie to drive the news story.
Michael Scherer of Time set to interview
The guy about “truth” and “lies,” a lo and
Behold:  Devin Nunes is running around the
White House lawn spreading more lies,
Like Easter eggs to spoil the kids a day after
Easter.  You may see lies arching in and under
Old tweets:  one says we should not involve
Ourselves in Syria from years ago, surfacing
As 59 missiles are sent to explode an airport
There.  “Who knew health care was so
Complicated?” was such a true statement in the
Form of a question from a gentleman whose
Lack of education and political experience is
Worn as a badge of dishonor, day after day
In the face of p-hats yelling injustice
And sexism.  “Locker room talk” brings
Chaffetz and others back into the fold
In time to rally the vote in 2016, Jared
“Playing Moneyball” with American votes,
Winning always the goal, not helping
The country with good legislation.
Winning, helping Russia—Trump’s apparent
Leading creditor, growing Ivanka’s brand,
Extending Trump family reach, helping
Russia, helping Russia, helping Russia.
And Turkey, Le Pen—anyone who shows
A strong hand and an antiquated nationalist
View.  Kick out immigrants, purify the race,
Build a wall and put it all in Barack Obama’s
Soulful, smiling face.  Tear Hillary down like
Someone who never had a mother.
Fuck you, Donald Trump, and all your
Ignorant hillbilly fans.  God bless us to a
Proper disclosure of your lies, your certain ouster,
And the restoration of dishonest business as usual
In Washington.  We need to pay our debts—the twenty
trillion dollars, the promises we made to
Native American tribes, reparations for
African Americans who descend from unwilling,
Sinful slavery—
And could we kill covert CIA, bring John
F. Kennedy’s murderers to justice, tell the Truth
About All our Sins?  Re-open RFK, MLK,
The bullshit Chapman murder of Lennon with
Clear political pro-Reagan cold war motives.
“Earth is the right place for love,” Frost had
Something there.  “I don’t know where it’s
Likely to go better.”  Indeed.  I wish loud
Helicopter pilots would read that line,
And I guess that’s my Truth, spoon-fed in
Frostian lines to remind us all:
It’s not where you start, it’s where you
Wanna go that’s important.  Dream and do,
But do not do anything over doing something bad.
And do not say anything, over saying
Something untrue—especially from the Oval
Office in Washington.
One could do worse than be Donald Trump,
If he wisens up and clears out of
Politics before he winds up in jail…
And us?  May we pay all our debts, and
Invite the Indian back to the table they
Helped us to set.

—Love, Bill

Freedom Wall


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-by Bill Watkins and Robert Frost

Something there is that doesn’t love a lie,
That sends the Washington Post “deep” in
And leaks anonymous sources—deep throat,
Making Truth shine like the sun.
The work of liberals is another thing:
Trump came after them to deconstruct
Where they have barely survived Roger Stone,
But they would have Carter Page out of hiding,
To please constituents from the left and right.
The rifts—no one has seen them made, but
We heard them made in First Amendment-killing
MOAB tweets and claims.  There they are
On our computers and phones; we try to ignore
Them but we can’t, so make a date in the Senate.
There we deconstruct Trump’s deconstructions,
Which is gravely presented by GOP as a lovely
Growing Tree, especially made for you and me.
Never mind Russia and 2016, as old White Men
Keep close control over the next four years.
Bipartisanship is the great dream of fools, until
Matt Schlapp and Bill Maher hug on HBO,
“Hug it out!!” yelling Kevin Dillon from sitcoms
past, reminding us all of Something.
“Good walls make good races,” exclaims Trump,
Bannon behind him—as McMaster tries to be sane
Enough for them both.  Hillary shakes her head,
Smiling not on deck per se, perhaps in baseball’s
Third-up “hole.”  The poet wishes he went with
A naval image over baseball, but it may be too
Late—both of them with sexist overtones, risking
Further hurt pointed out by poignant p-hats
In protest protesting, protesting among other
Things… all the Walls.
“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,”
Said Frost, but neither does Something love a
Lie, I’m sure of it!!  The poet “sure of it” assuring
So many readers he’s “full of it” until he finds
Matt Schlapp, gives him another hug,
Promotes a Third Party called the Native Party
Led by cheated Native Americans.  Their
Platform a simple one:
“Pay all our debts, financial and moral.”
Trump says again, “Good walls make good races,”
But does so from his newly made Twitter jail,
Where Sally Yates confined him.  Truth is
The great Skeleton Key that opens all doors,
Shuts out Hate, providing the mortar to all
Walls of Freedom constructed—protecting love
And innocence inside.  That hug.  The open
Mind.  The listener.  The tweeter.  The dog
Eat dog Businessman “president” who to succeed
At talking must learn not to talk and do…
Until God blesses our land through Native America
Once more.

Trump Conjures Muslim Ban to Fire Yates


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-by Bill Watkins 5/8/2017


Seems a decent theory.

And no one is reporting on this yet.

We often think that criminals are dumb, don’t think too much, too far ahead—don’t know how to play chess with their crimes and cover-ups.

I pose that Attorney General Sally Yates rocked the White House core when she outed Michael Flynn’s behavior on January 26th, 2017.

Then she did it again on the 27th, before the weekend.


The White House attorney, McGahn, delivers the bad news to his boss, Mr. Trump.

They kick it around, he and his “staff.”

I pose again:  I believe there may have been a brain in that room on this topic, who could have conceived of a plan to keep Flynn, and get rid of Yates:

“Hey!!  I got it!!  We made a promise to ban Muslims from this country, so let’s roll it out!!”

“What’s that got to do with Yates?”

“Ahh!!  Don’t you see?  She won’t enforce it!!  She’ll call it ‘unconstitutional!!  Then…”

And they all finally got it:

“Then we fire her.”

God, Relieve Us of the Bondage of Espionage


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U.N. Must Crack Down on Covert
Acts of War

-by Bill Watkins 5/4/2017


How is “covert action” by the U.S. CIA legal?

Who is checking CIA activity against UN Charter world peace directives?

Someone justify the U.S. hosting an international body like the UN, committed to Peace and composed of peace-loving nations.

What besides belligerent pride and ethnocentric “exceptionalist” delusions is challenging the United States and its representatives from following UN resolutions?

From accepting UN votes?

From following a due process of law regarding international war crime suspects, instead of extrajudicial bombing of suspects?


Please join Sacha Llorenti and people like him who carry the UN Charter with pride, putting world peace ahead of U.S. passion, sometimes good—sometimes misguided.

And please consider apologizing officially to nations we have attacked with covert operations, like Guatemala, Iran, Chile, Vietnam, El Salvador.  Illegal CIA intervention into other sovereign nations’ politics has been disclosed and made public.

I fail to see any apologies.

—Bill Watkins, Los Angeles 2017

CIA’s Inappropriate Twitter Bio Blurb Demonstrates Criminal Tendencies


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-by Bill Watkins 5/3/2017

CIA Bio Blurb

It’s hard to hold down my breakfast, when I look at the cocky, inappropriate, criminal-leaning Twitter bio blurb offered up on CIA’s Twitter profile page:

We are the Nation’s first line of defense.  We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.

Observe part two, something we can do in a moment with the official CIA “Mission Statement,” also suspect.

The second part of this bio could be paraphrased while wagging one’s tongue:  “We get to do whatever the heck we want, because we are superior to other people.”

Or:  we don’t have to obey laws and wait out due process, because we are so cool, derived from Yale’s Skull and Bones, darkness, extreme loyalty—naked in dark corners, blessed by the Devil.

Here’s the supposed CIA Mission, posted on their website:

Preempt threats and further US national security objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source analysis, conducting effective covert action as directed by the President, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep our Nation safe.

Like their Twitter bio, fifty percent good, fifty percent “screw you, we get to do whatever under the veil of ‘secrecy.’”

Fifty percent good, fifty percent who-knows.  Defines the term diabolical.

Since 1947, when Harry S. Truman formalized the founding of CIA with a ruse cloak and dagger ceremony at the White House:  diabolical.

Secretive.  The mafia with omerta, CIA with “classified” and “covert action.”

Truman, who by some accounts, stole his vice presidency from progressive Henry Wallace, became president when FDR died, dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians:  thought it would be good, even humorous, to legitimate Espionage in the United States.

Seeking international laws and the United Nations disposition to “espionage” is a difficult task;  is as blurry as a snake in the grass.

I have today, sent this note to the United Nations contact email form:

Can someone please direct me to the United Nations disposition on “espionage,” spying, the acquisition and reporting of stolen information through secrecy, covert operations, or theft?

Part of the United States’ CIA’s official “mission statement” includes these words:

“…conducting effective covert action as directed by the President.”

Has the CIA, or any agency of other governments with like missions, been investigated/probed for the meaning of such a “directive,” to ascertain the legality of “covert action” against current international law/UN Charter directives?

The UN was founded to avert war.

How can this happen, when nations who claim to be members admit to secret “covert action” as a part of their day to day operations?

Who will hold the United States accountable for “covert action” and other extrajudicial, unilateral violence perpetrated against other nations, while they Host meetings for peace in New York?

When will the U.S. hypocrisy be called out, investigated, and thwarted for a firmer World Peace, in accordance with UN Charter provisions?

—Bill Watkins, Los Angeles, CA USA


God bless us to better.

To Truth, to being proud of who and what we are.

To having first and last names when in government service work; picking up the phone at CIA or anywhere else—proud of who we are.

Not secretive, and spooky.  And shady as the Devil himself.

May our country give up covert ops, and become the democracy it claims to be, some day.

May we become real members of the United Nations; become worthy of being its host.