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Stuck in 1984, NATO is frozen inside its borders, holding meetings, wearing fancy suits—looking good—while Ukraine suffers.

Cowardice.  Lack of backbone.  Lack of facts!  Lack of leaders making sound decisions based on facts, instead of cowering to irrational fears of nuclear threats.

Like Trump, Vladimir Putin is a blusterer.  The core of him is fear.  But no sober analyst has pegged him as suicidal!  No credible reports have spotted his desire to end life on earth.

It’s just that his army’s not that great.  He thought he had USSR power, but he’s quickly realizing he’s got 2022 Russia power, built by a so-so Russian economy.  So how does he generate the fear of USSR power, to enable him to kill Ukrainian children today?

He talks about using nukes, to make NATO cower.  NATO members are so in love with their suits, fancy cars and current peace inside their borders, that they stand on the sidelines watching Ukrainian children die at the hands of Putin, and they weakly hit back with economic sanctions.

“We don’t want a direct war with Russia” was 1984’s line, but Joe Biden and other NATO heads love to issue it to cameras, reporters, and President Zelensky of Ukraine—who of course looks to a force like NATO to stand up for freedom in Europe.