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USA -- Broken1

Let go.  Democracy isn’t that great.  Let go.  Civilization is overrated.  Let go.  Money has corrupted the whole thing.  Let go!  Nancy won’t solve it, but neither will Trump.  Biden is overrated in an overrated seat, so stop pedestal shopping!

Live your own life.  Find its meaning, set out on a great adventure for your own personal peace of mind.  Study your roots, ignore your roots, make an investment—sell all your stuff and travel the world…  You feel you lack “privilege” and that I have it as a white male?  Well, I started drinking alcohol on Dad’s lap at five, was blacking out on the substance by thirteen, and almost killed myself in my twenties, OD-ing on lithium and whatever else overrated Western medical professionals prescribed me.

Too much “overrated?”  Maybe, but that’s what this all is.  Sure, democracy beats monarchy, but don’t you think there just might be something better out there in the universe of governing principles?  What about Russell Means’ and the Lakota’s idea of Consensus-rule?  Instead of up-down votes leaving upset minorities and power-crazy majorities, winners and losers… what if we actually took the time to move slowly but surely with Consensus decision-making?

No movement until we’re all on board!  Takes a lot of prayer, meditation and introspection… a lot of work!  But we’re worth it.  So let’s go.  Let’s let go.  Let’s let go of something that wasn’t that great for all people in the first place.  How was “American” (European) democracy for the native people we displaced and violently removed to establish it?  I’d say it’s always been a bummer to first peoples, who lived in harmony with the earth.  With this land they knew through a higher spirituality than that in our bibles no one owned but God.

Higher Power.  Great Spirit.  All-mighty Creator.  Call it what you want, but let’s go.  Let’s let go.  Be humble, know our place in the universe, and the truth that expensive, overrated “people-rule” politics will never solve your problems.  Admit that truth and watch real power roll in and lead us to the promised land.