Even CIA welcome! Sunday, February 10, 2019 is your year to miss the Grammy’s, laugh with us at the Ice House, Pasadena!!!


From My New CD:

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Poetry was the first thing for which I earnestly prayed, when I got into 12-step recovery. The second was “God, give me a sense of humor” to deal with overwhelming seriousness that would weigh me down at times… Led to an Al-Anon speaking “career,” then I hit the stages of L.A.!!!!

Yes, I am–among other things, BILL THE COMET!!

Contact me to Learn about my 4 Keys to Comedy:

1. Breathe
2. Be Yourself
3. Don’t be yourself
4. Memorize/write

Free little jokes for the overly-serious:

What did the puddle say to the mud?
My sediments, exactly.

Why did the guy work at the mint?
To make money.

What’s the fastest joke you ever heard?
It just went over your head.

“Hey, man, why are those plants already blooming?”
“Dude, their impatiens.”

Then take your watch out, and say:
“Watch out!!!!!!!”

Finally, Don’t take life too seriously;
you may never get out of it alive!!

–Love, Bill

Really Happy

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