Oswald’s 6th


Adapted from Writings/Work of Mark Lane. (Rights Pending)

Film Screenplay — 103 Pages
Courtroom Drama
Projected Budget: Low
Locations: Court/chambers interiors, Washington D.C., McLean VA, New York City/Manhattan/Subway, London Hotel, Miami, Florida Court/Hotel, Law Offices, Publisher Offices, Conference Rooms, Home Interiors
Visual/Special Effects: Low Budget, Word/letter visuals


New York attorney Mark Lane defends Lee Harvey Oswald in the face of suppression and hysteria to lynch a killer and forget our national pain.


The buzz condemns Oswald. The Truth haunts CIA.


Meet Mark Lane. Before and after November 22, 1963. His fight to give Lee Harvey Oswald his 6th Amendment right to counsel and a defense, which was stripped from him by Dallas authorities and beyond, from 11-63 to today, if you read Wikipedia on the subject.

Then continue with Mark Lane to indict the CIA for their role in Killing our President.


A Two-Act Script (WGA #1878862):

1. The first half covers 1959-1964, following the life of Mark Lane, New York defense attorney, as he looks back on his relations with the Kennedy’s around the 1960 election—Mark running for New York State Assembly, JFK for president.

His day of reflection happens to be on November 22, 1963.

When Mark is at lunch that day, life changes with the news of JFK’s being shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.

Mark begins to follow events and news, is concerned with Dallas authorities’ reports, and FBI reports condemning a suspect without due process.

After Oswald is killed, then branded “assassin” inappropriately again, he writes a defense brief of Oswald, finally publishes it after mountains of “No’s” from magazines and their suppressed editors.

Soon after his brief’s publication in the National Guardian, Mark gets a call from Marguerite Oswald, Lee’s mother, asking him to defend her son before the Warren Commission.

The rest of the first act of the script deals with Mark’s defense of Oswald as a “witness” before the Commission, his two visits before that body in 1964.

(Also the intimidation he faced from FBI and U.S. Immigration Services upon return from Europe)

2. The second act of the script moves to Miami, Florida in 1984-5, where the E. Howard Hunt v. Liberty Lobby case goes into a second trial.

Mark is asked to defend the right wing lobby and its publication, The Spotlight, the New York attorney agreeing to look into the case as a possible way to know more about CIA dealings around the assassination of JFK.

Mark is free to depose CIA bigwigs, confronts major cover-up and shady players in the dark side of U.S. history.

Mark crushes Hunt of Watergate infamy and his alibi in court, brings on a credible Marita Lorenz to close the door on the case, and to prove before a jury that E. Howard Hunt and the CIA were involved in the conspiracy to murder our president on November 22, 1963.


Two acts, one in defense of Lee Harvey Oswald, the second indicting CIA.

This was Mark’s legacy, to me, regarding this case—his most important, in my reading and study of Mr. Lane.

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—Bill Watkins, Writer

Oswald’s 6th Treatment (pdf)

Oswald’s 6th (the WGA script)