Election Reform — Los Angeles

Election Reform Proposal:
Ban Private Campaign Spending

For Councilman Jose Huizar c/o
Paul Habib, Rules/Elections/Ethics Committees
District 14/Elections Committee Staff


In light of great needs for honest service of our Los Angeles communities—cleaning, safety, environmental protection to name a few:

I hereby propose a change in Election Campaign rules and regulations, to take power out of the private dollar.

This is the day of the internet.  And websites.

The L.A. City Clerk has one; the city has great tech people who can make a website, have it up and running within hours of starting.

I propose that a solid, cheap and efficient Public Website be created to funnel and serve all City-related election candidates.

I propose that each candidate be allowed to have and decorate a Page on such websites with their resume, message, videos, songs—whatever they want to alert voters and L.A. residents to their skills, abilities and assets they could bring to L.A. public service positions.

I also propose that Public Debates, funded by the city, be scheduled around campaigns to give equal time to candidates.

Music, food, and ten minutes each from candidates—followed by Q&A sessions, civil debate—A CELEBRATION of Democracy, and…

Of a new, refreshing and needed principle guiding and ruling the election process:


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