First Step Education

= Obey the LAW.

Personal Safety:

1. No Hitting, Hurting (California Penal Code 240)

2. No threatening to hurt or hit (Penal Code 422)

3. No excessive making fun of/Taunting/Hate (Penal Code 422.55, 422.6)


1. No Littering (Penal Code 374)

2. No Stealing (Penal Code 484)

3. No Graffiti, Writing on Public Property/Vandalizing or Destroying Property of Another Person (Penal Code 594)


If Suspicion of Above infraction exists, all persons involved or suspected of being involved will be interviewed, some facts checked.

If the victim of harm should wish to call parents or guardians, the police or an attorney—the opportunity to do so should be immediately granted, as long as the request is deemed in good faith and maliciousness ruled out.

*False Reporting to Police is illegal (Penal Code 148.5) and punishable in court.

*Lying in court is a Felony (Penal Code 118A), and is a very serious offense.

But a citizen of this country, state and community should Never fear making an honest report of harm done to them or others, if that report is made in good faith without malice or bad intent.