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Higher Power2

We run and we run.  A virus drops or a guy goes wild on the world stage with big explosions, and it’s tempting just to run, run, run.

What’s a virus next to balanced, thriving, healthy days of life?  What’s the virus against a well-oiled immune system, eating good foods, working, playing and loving in a vibrant proactive fashion?

What are Vladimir Putin’s bombs and aggression next to a mother’s love?


Let’s stop running and square up our problems like men and women.  If someone bombed my hometown I wouldn’t refugee away from the bombing, but march to the source and have a talk with some people.  Unarmed, Christian, loving, direct talk.

Of course evil exists.  It always has and always will.

What’s your response to it?  Run?

I say, let’s live toward our problems, not away from them.  Live with the Power that ignites us all!  Live toward our enemies and love them back to sanity!  Live so well that our blood will pump into every extremity with a beating heart that will never stop for a measly virus!!!

There is a Power greater than evil, so align with it.  Never cower to the bully!  Love him.

Never cower from a virus.  Love today!