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Caring folks of the world, unite!
Don’t tell me this isn’t your fight.

Fear makes and shoots bombs,
killing children every single night.

Love is the most powerful weapon
forged in the fire of Creation…
Adults who make and shoot guns
to kill have lost sight of naked life,
have replaced it with love of nation.

Give what you got, wake up at
the sound of another mortar blast!

Get up now, grab a bag, take your
kids to the East not West!

Yes, I said it… It’s time we paid a
visit to the source of hate.

Bring love, food, flowers and music
before it is indeed too late!

They paint a picture and it’s tempting
to judge.  But I’ve never spent a day
in someone else’s shoes, I need to
purify so start with myself—


Me and my band of loving thoughts
we’re marching to Moscow to confront
the big boss.

We shall bring love and food and music
and flowers, straight up the gut of fear,
many yelling at us that “we’re headed
for a nuclear power!!”

We hurdle obstacles but do not
hit back when they hit us.

The press snaps photos, others tell
stories, and the human heart that’s
in each and every man, woman and child
will beat as one because love is

Love is actually what we all want,
even Vladimir Putin.