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Great Spirit, Holy Creator hear me.
We need to be awake—

The sun of civilization is setting,
hopefully passing over before
the mountain cracks.

Europe keeps coming for its

Broken rocks on the dock of
fallen natural ports, civilization
stealing, dignified.

Tlanextili, Earth!  I’ve been asleep!
Hear me, I’m awake!

Rome planted unholy plants over
the green earth, as time separated
us from the rocks—

Sun! Shine, Tlanextili!  Hope, eternally
falling in natural wonders;

Hope – that cascade of truth in
red orbits we read next to golden
lines to time Thou growest!

Tlanextili, Sun!  Tlanextili to the
old gods that harmed no one.

Peace be to the reigning powers
that gobble up peace, calling it
politics—even medicine…

Tlanextili, me!  Sunshine next
to rain still a rainbow!

Tlanextili, Earth!  We can return to
the goodness before the gun. We
can return to honor—

Truth springs eternal down the lines
that care, children always there.

Conmueva mi mentalidad, Spirit!  The
Earth where there are no words…

Una mejor sociedad… sin lenguaje,
sin fronteras menos ellas creadas
en el núcleo de la tierra—

Tlanextili, mente.
Tlanextili, libertad!

Tlanextili, primera gente—
Tlanextili, Esperanza!