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Doctors and their usurped governments want us to hold back, hide, fall back, cringe, wear masks and fear people as a remedy for a tough virus going around town.  Negative, negative, negative.  No thanks, no thanks, no thanks.

Without a medical degree I know what health is for me because I have lived with me for forty-eight years.  Breathing fresh air in the country is health.  Visiting friends is health.  Exercise and good food is health.  Sleeping well, balancing work, love and play… Health.  When those things align well, illness cannot touch me.

Yes, we have something called an immune system.  Natural defenses against disease that are far more powerful than poorly used masks by laymen who haven’t a clue how to wash and apply them correctly.  Avoiding living as a way not to die?  That’s the doctor-led government approach, and it lacks logic.

Live well!!  Live big!  Live great days, balanced and strong.  Avoid imbibing flammable liquids like alcohol.  Avoid inhaling smoke into your lungs, or overeating… Those are good “hold-backs,” good natural remedies governments are not pushing now.  Believe in a Power greater than yourself that’s positive and loving, place that Power in care over your life!

Positive.  Loving.  Go out and live, kick up dust and make that blood circulate like gangbusters!  What doctor couldn’t say that was a healthy thing?  Or… cringe.  Hide.  Hold back and fear… It’s your choice!  Sober eighteen years my choice for today is the same one I was making before governments collaborated with doctors on the Great Covid Panic of 2020:

Live Well