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-by Bill Watkins 8/12/2020

Believe in the body God gave you.  It is fully equipped with extras!  An amazing immune system, a brain so you can think for yourself what works for your particular path in life… Your own personal path to health, to joy, to love—some even still talk of Heaven!  Call it peace of mind, eternal life, having Faith in more than just your physical body, doing good things and thinking of others before yourself.

Western medicine has theories sold as “fact,” that God did not make us nor this world well enough, so we need to put a mask over it.  Hogwash.  Have you, reader, ever gotten truly sick while your life was in perfect balance?  Exercise, open air living, a good diet, a mix of loving, playing, working—sleeping well?  Of course you haven’t.  Western medicine (doctors) will have you believe during their Virus Panic of 2020 that we should be scared of each other!  We should stay away from each other… We shouldn’t trust the air, it’s bad… Our God-given bodies and immune systems not good enough!

Hogwash.  Horse manure.  Untrue… Don’t buy it!  Western medicine has been selling their snake oil for hundreds of years, going up the skirt of the human body for all of life’s answers. For them and believers in them, the physical is all, the body the key to long life, but I think they define “life” and in fact “health” differently than me.  What about you?  You know what works for your health because you live with you.  How is a doctor or a government going to know more about my health than me?

We have lived through a bad history of “conquest” (land theft), crime justified by a Bible, and in that environment of forced Civilization enters the false science of Western medicine and its overpaid, over-trusted doctors.  What was their once-grand solution to fevers and bad physical health?  Blood-letting!  What’s still their number one activity in offices across the West?  Blood-drawing!  “Yes, little Billy, let’s see what’s wrong with you. Once we find what’s wrong, we’ll prescribe you lots of healthy drugs!”

Drugs and blood-drawing.  Hogwash.  Overpaid doctors with diplomas granted by other doctors, a community of establishing fears and illnesses, then presenting themselves as the great cure… “Will this be cash or credit, Billy?”  Hogwash.  And dangerous…  Fear is the most dangerous virus in the world today, the largest religion claiming to have a cure for it being Western Medicine.

Allow me, please, to present another one—older, wiser and better:

Faith.  Faith in God.  Faith in a Higher Power, call it what you will.  Faith in Creation, in the sweet air of the country, away from the cities of doctors, hospitals and large bills… Faith in ourselves.  In this amazing body we were born with, in your own health when you make good decisions and live in a balanced fashion.  Leave the cities Rome pitched so violently across Europe, and that Columbus, the Spanish and English forced on Turtle Island, Aztlan, and other parts of formerly beautiful, peaceful land called “America” by egocentric, violent, ethnocentric Europeans.

Reject the Conquest.  Reject the armed theft.  Reject forced civilization, its noise and fake cures!  Keep blood inside your body, say no to Western medicine’s bloodletting and drugs, find your own definition for health and life—a more expansive one that is dreamt of in doctors’ philosophy.  Say no to the Kool-Aide, they’ve spiked it and have been for years!  Water beats beer, a walk in nature beats a doctor visit, and faith in God is the cure you’ve been hoping a mask over your face would bring.