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Mother Teresa1

Enduring pain is the key,
Welcoming it as the rain
before the ‘bow,

This is life, a one day,
one time venture between
wake and sleep,

The god of our understanding
helping us when asked,
making a choice.

Decisions are a bigger thing,
Declaring victory for one thing
over another,

Deciding to win means we
make the call to put our
best effort out—

I have been inspired by
those Marines, standing tall
so stand up too.

I have been inspired by
Mother Teresa giving her
will to God—

So give mine to God too,
my days are free when I
am out of the way;

I think no longer of what
I can get, but of what I can
with care give.

Selflessness taught by
Saint Francis, generosity of
the Jesuit Ignatius,

Songs from Natasha, three
words in the chorus of Spring,
I love you,

I love you, I love you.
We can joke and will as humans
surely stray.

But if we want to succeed in
the John Wooden way for
Peace of mind—

We will write down our goals,
our dreams, check them against
gods and feasibility,

Then with courage and care
do them, if possible, through
the pain today.