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Horrible Police1

by Bill Watkins 8/28/2019


It starts with a hard truth and look back at our sad history of terrorizing and abusing Native America with our guns.  We stole land, put down some concrete, asphalt and buildings, now patrol it with the same guns that helped us to steal it.  Add to that other tools of war, like low-flying and noise polluting helicopters, and you put the finishing touches on completing the manifest destiny of planting loud and violent civilization on America, blessed by a biblical god.

You cannot abandon the helicopter program at LAPD or other police agencies across this country, without telling those hard truths first.  Without examining European practices like alcohol consumption, corruption, cursing and disease.  We were high on our bibles and guns, came in like plundering Vikings, and today keep plundering the silence with hunks of metal manned by men and women who think it okay to burn earth and go fast high above it to seek out bad people and lock them in jail.

Had we listened to Native American people, their chiefs, wise men and women, had we learned from their respectful ways, their love of mother earth—we would have taken in true Christian principles without the fancy book and professions of piety.  Had we listened…  Something we could still do!  “No matter how far down the wrong path you are on, turn around!” informs the Turkish proverb, and may we heed it now.

Come down from the air, police officers, and help our communities.  If you do not want to help in a peaceful manner, please leave.  Maybe research your family history, and return to your country of origin.  I know I plan to do so.  We should have never stolen this land!  Visit and set up trade in it…  Fine.  But build forts and towns without permission of the natural inhabitants?  No.  It is wrong.  It is even un-Christian and antithetical to a biblical way of life that forbids stealing in the Jewish command given to Moses.

We keep stealing, keep killing, brandish and fire our weapons, the LAPD and other cops training to kill—as we have done since first dropping our sick feet down on Native America and this land.  Shhhhhh!  Quiet.  Stop.  Learn from the wise chiefs, read Kent Nerburn’s beautiful book, The Wisdom of the Native Americans, and note our part in stealing land.  No matter how far down this wrong path we are on, let’s ground our horrible choppers, melt down our sinful guns, and turn back toward a real heaven Native Americans will surely help us reach.

As to an alternative for loud and lethal policing, let us walk away and invite Native Americans back into their land to be governed by the Great Spirit, as before we came here.  When we respect these people fully, we will begin a true path to peace and public safety.