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Star Wars1

Someone must push back, even if
the push sounds violent, when the thing
against which you push is

Violence by Disney on Christmas.

The happiest place on earth got into
movies years ago; laughing, feeling,
we loved Bambi, Dumbo, Cinderella

and the seven dwarfs!

But now, to make a quick buck, and to
move half-dead crowds in need of ministry
they come to us with Star WARS.

Lasers and swords, shooting bombs and
killing for your Christmas consideration.

Hey, it’s America, so have at it, Hoss!

But to the Christian I’ll say call yourself
one by turning the other cheek to violence,
bowing to God and loving your enemy.

We believe in One God, accept the metaphor
that is the Force, but couldn’t we celebrate
it and side stories after the New Year?

Constantine, the Eastern Romans and the
Catholic Church so cleverly gave us a
date during the Solstice to celebrate
Jesus’ birthday, so I’ll be doing that,
preparing gifts to leave at his feet, as the
wise men did—I think it’s neat!

But if you, instead of wreaths and aromatic
green, wish to glorify weapons of war,
say that one side won when standing over
death and destruction—

you have not read the Tao Te Ching.

Have not held the gospel to your heart.

You did not need it yet, so good for you
and God bless us in our ignorance!

Disney used to keep it family and sweet,
avoid extreme violence and killing.

Star Wars used to come out in May, allow
us to take a break from Summer heat
to see some crazy fantasy action…

Then one day they merged, blew up
Christmas—or have tried to—

All because an accountant somewhere
reported the returns would be great!

I’ve traveled long and far in my little
47 times around the sun, enough to know
that money is okay, but no other
currency yields better contented sleep
as Peace of Mind.

Peace.  Star Peace…

Hopefully, in theaters soon