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And dreams and things.
Boom, the threshold, then…

There’s a signpost up ahead:
“All the things you used to dream”—
Break through!

Oh what a coup for you, this chance,
a dream returned, six senses sounding
and feeling and singing their properties
in noses of gold, roses behold!

Smells and sights, a dream in delight,
what supposes is and imagine that—

A fact!!

“The sweetest dream labor knows,” says
Frost, what a poet and indeed when visited
by rhyme and scheme sweet you know it!!

On this earth are arrangements perfect creating
choices to correct.  Yes, pick and choose, this one
for her this one for you, but choose wisely.

To choose “too much” is trouble, ask Willy
Wonka what happens to the greedy, six other
deadly sins keeping the white pearly gates of heaven
excellently white and pearly.

Good morning, Shirley!  Peanuts!  Strawberry!

To live every day as if it was your first!  To turn
a wreck of a day into a splendid hour, worth every
moment sour, just one minute to rejoice!  To
feel the ray of sunshine through the cloudy crack,
to spot the rainbow, the child’s smile, sparkle
apple pie, trees sharp—moon bright!!

Colors of spirit, perfect winning and growth where
winning’s a peace of mind and growth?

The kind we need’s what keeps us all
small as kids neat between sheets at bedtime:

grow in the mind.

Toward the child, more and more all the time