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Believe me.

Anyone not white and Trump receives
Trump’s distrust and spit—
his dentures about to hit

The screen wet with his slime, the
great mob line:

Believe me.

“Forget about it…”

So, I cheated to beat a woman,
I beat them all the time, except
I call it sex.

Sex with me is great—

Believe me.


On the other side, the Democrats
are holier than thou in another way,
touting clichés like “fighting for the
middle class so your kids can go
to college.”  Might as well bow down
to the false god, money, once and for

Student debt?  National debt?

Samuel’s kings rear their heads again;
we kicked God out so many years ago,
it’s hard to remember or imagine what
it would be like to live day to day,
only God and/or Higher Power guiding

We used to say “thanks” more, until we
decided we not God, were providing

Believe me.


I saw a man shitting on the sidewalk
yesterday.  Yes, I was in L.A.

I heard the mayor was at the Dodger
game, touting some art project, funding
parties with plenty of beer and more
money to western medicine’s grip
on “health” monopolies and of course
to the public zoo.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were
not saints.  But they tried.  What would they
say to illegal fireworks for the 4th of July?

What would they say to funding a zoo with
tax revenue?

What would they say to the government
paying doctors to inspect you for
areas to snip, tear and cut?

When was the last time a lawmaker looked
up the word “health” and/or defined
it themselves?

Wouldn’t that be a smart step before
neglecting infrastructure spending in
favor of one white coat definition?

Drugs, needles and scalpels cutting and
intruding on the body God gave me is
not health, by my standard.

I’m weird, I’m Christian Scientist—
a faith healer.  A true believer.

Most of the time!

Believe me!!!


Donald Trump ragged on an El
Salvadoran “gang” today—called them
all “animals!!”

He called a black NFL player who kneeled
in protest during the U.S. government
anthem a “son of a bitch.”

What’s Donald Trump?

Did he skip, like many professed Christians
the part in Jesus’ teaching about not

Did Adams, Jefferson and the rest do
so when they conceived of the judiciary
branch of government with all its

I am a Christian man living in a land
whose courts are Jewish.

Believe me!!


The CIA killed Oscar Romero, too?

Or did they just back the side that did

They covered their tracks?

Are “secrets” something a democracy should
ever support?

Have you ever looked at the CIA mission?

Did you know they were officially
founded in 1947 at Truman’s White
House, in a ruse cloak and dagger

Was that supposed to be funny?

Have you looked at their Twitter bio

Did you study the murder of Kennedy,
or did you decide to trust our government
because you didn’t have the time?

E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis of the CIA
led a group of pissed off skillful anti-Castro
Cubans and shooters from Miami to Dallas
in November of 1963, and killed our
president in front of his wife and millions
on Abraham Zapruder’s camera.

Believe me.


We litter land routinely in Los Angeles and
other American cities because we don’t care.

We kicked out the native people, who cared.

So maybe we should invite back the native
people, to help us care.

God, help us to care!!!

Believe in God!!!


My father winked to God before he
let his body die, I’m sure of it.


What if CIA just collected some
good information so that our leaders could
make good decisions?

What if our armies learned real Defense?

Sought more and more non-lethal approaches?

Took a page from the East, and learned the
Tao Te Ching and martial arts—meant not to kill
or be violent, but as a way of restoring peace
and balance when disrupted?


Honoring your parents is still a good
way to live a long time.  Try it!!


Remove the concrete and boards beneath
your feet, travel to a new place.

Remember our connection to Earth; each
other.  The animals…

MS-13 are animals, indeed, Mr. Trump.
As are you.  As I am—we, all of us,
fools while we think that it is
us the human, with the power—

Trump the king!

Believe me!!!

The fool needs a king to fool; the
king needs no one, so he thinks—

And Samuel scratches his head, wishing
he never made that trip for the people
to announce to God their defection.

Our defection.

We’re all animals!!!

Believe me.