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Jim Garrison1

-by Bill Watkins 10/23/2017

Louisiana district Attorney Jim Garrison called them out first, but after the weekend’s “reporting” it’s clear that NBC news is “sticking to the official story on JFK no matter what.”

With ties to RCA and the U.S. Military, it is no surprise that NBC News is taking the “easy” way to continue its complicity in CIA murder and collusion.

Defending Lee Harvey Oswald through the only means allowed him, New York defense attorney Mark Lane destroyed the FBI/Dallas Police/CIA prosecution.  In fact, Lane exposed the post-death slander of Oswald as unconstitutional with both of his two visits to the sham political dance disguised as an “investigation” called the “Warren Commission.”



Damning to the “official report” that patsy Lee Oswald killed JFK with a deficient Italian rifle from a deficient vantage point above and behind the fateful November 22nd, 1963 presidential parade route in Dallas:

1. The first weapon found on the sixth floor of the supposed firing hole, the Texas Book Depository—was a German Mauser, NOT OSWALD’S MAGAZINE-BOUGHT Italian Carcano, a rifle known in Italy as the “gun that lost World War II.”

The weapon was identified as a Mauser by Dallas Police Officer Seymour Weitzman, a gun shop owner knowledgeable enough to along with Officer Roger Craig notice the clear markings “7.65 Mauser” on the gun itself.

Weitzman signed an FBI affidavit to his findings.


2. Obvious signs from the Zapruder video and witness testimony that gunshots came from in front of the presidential limousine.

Plumes of smoke seen, noise and activity from behind the infamous “grassy knoll:” in front of the motorcade.

Kennedy’s head jerking back to react to frontal shots.

Grabbing the front of his throat to react to another frontal shot.

3. ALLEN DULLES, CIA spymaster FIRED BY KENNEDY after the Bay of Pigs fiasco—


Pure bias and inappropriate, an obvious conspiracy FACT that a cover-up was in play.

Prospective jurors are thrown off cases for a lot less than being FIRED by the subject of the case at hand…

4. Warren Commission findings are not credible.

Lone gunman with a Magic “Single-bullet” theory, totally debunked by logic and people like Mark Lane smart enough to expose the sham.

5. Oswald lacked MOTIVE.

To this day, there is no credible motive ascribed to Oswald in relation to a Kennedy murder.

Oswald admired the president, had a hazy past of intelligence involvement, communist leanings suspect in light of his Marine training—which included lessons in the Russian language.

6. Marita Lorenz Testimony:

With no motive to lie (unless she wanted to be placed on a CIA/mafia hitlist for kicks), ex-Castro lover Marita Lorenz moves us finally away from Oswald to…


Howard Hunt, Frank Fiorini (AKA Sturges) and the Operation 40 Anti-Castro Miami hit team killed John F. Kennedy, not the patsy Oswald.

Lorenz lays out the Hunt payments, the two-car caravan heading out of Miami and into Dallas, Texas on November 21, the day before the disgusting, cowardly hit.

Lorenz saw Hunt at their motel, doling out the dollars.

She saw a man she later recognized from a TV shot as Jack Ruby—Oswald’s eventual killer—also stopping by the killers’ motel.

Lorenz asked to leave the party when she realized what they were planning, but not before she saw enough to peg Hunt and CIA on the scene.

Testimony Mark Lane used to convince a Miami jury in 1985 that Liberty Lobby’s Spotlight magazine published the truth when their Victor Marchetti, ex-CIA writer, wrote of Hunt and CIA’s involvement in the assassination of the peace-striving president of the United States in 1963.


A libel case CIA and major news outlets like NBC never wanted folks to worry about too much.

CIA has been running this country politically since 1963.

Samuel’s curse, the result of a military coup seen so often in old Europe, that they never believed in garbage spewed out by Hoover’s FBI, the corrupted Dallas Police Department, nor the always diabolical UN/World Peace-thwarting covert CIA.

Click to access DOCID-32105956.PDF

God said having human kings would bite his people on the butt, and this is the type of thing He or She could have meant.

If NBC and other news outlets would claim to be independent of the ruling U.S. military, they would join this independent poet to denounce CIA as traitors.  Murderers.  The villains that killed JFK en route to millions in Southeast Asia, Kennedy just casualty number one of fifty some-odd thousand American deaths in the conflict.

Yes… with “motive…”  To perpetrate Vietnam, get revenge for Kennedy not providing air support to the Bay of Pigs concoction to overthrow communist Castro—restore a capitalist Cuba for CIA, U.S. interests including Mafia-connected hotel/casino owners.

Get control.  Show that n-lover Kennedy who’s boss in the South.

To not allow Kennedy to break up the CIA, as he had publicly promised to do.

For firing Allen Dulles as CIA director—a man in foreign service since before the whipper snapper Avant Garde American president—youngest in history, was even born.

Kennedy also fired the mayor of Dallas’ brother, something that could motivate someone to change a parade route at the last second, inspire a police department to become part of a dark, horrible moment in U.S. history—painted a rainbow by CIA spinsters for years.

And regarding “spinsters,” no one was worse than America’s “James Bond,” Howard E. Hunt—who forged a document after Kennedy’s death that blamed the murdered president for the assassination of a Vietnamese leader.

Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial (Thunder Mouth, 1991) is full of such sins, including a breakdown of Hunt’s failure in the Miami court to explain his whereabouts when Kennedy was killed in Dallas.