-by bill Watkins 10/24/17


As I’ve tweeted, if Nike were to put forward an Air Nunes shoe to commemorate Devin Nunes March-mad midnight White House dance:

I might buy!

To have that sort of agility would be neat. To be that dishonest… not so much.

Nunes’ current embarrassment is to push a dead Uranium Deal story pooped out by the unpopular Trump administration to clutter the clatter about dossiers and Russian collusion.

Seven months after Devin danced for Trump, presenting “intelligence” to the White House received from the White House the night before—

The California rep is dancing again to please his apparent boss.  Although sworn to uphold the Constitution and keep the White House in check, Nunes looks more and more a low-level lackey of a failing Donald Trump.

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is pulling out—but Devin is doubling down, to make one wonder if Putin and the Russians might have something compromising on more than the just the former Miss Universe pageant enthusiast, Donald Trump.