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Don’t die for me in “defense of
our country.”

Please live.  Defend, and live.  Put down
killing weapons, stop killing
and learning how to kill—and live.

6. Thou shalt not kill.

M-16’s are not defense weapons; they
are killing ones.

Stop lying to us and to yourselves,
talking about defense while you
train to shoot bullets into people’s
torsos on the range!

God bless us to better living; honor
and true self-defense, like that taught
by the Tao Te Ching and general
martial arts practice!


And p.s. to the United States of
America: Get out of foreign countries
with your guns, unless invited there
by the peace-loving United Nations…

Remember that group, founded in 1945
to end all wars?

Truman and the CIA had no time for it,
kept perpetrating cold war, sewing
distrust—creeping around in the night,
until loe and behold:

They killed John F. Kennedy for not
leaning far enough to the right!

Disgusting, but before I judge let’s all
breathe and see again the wide, well-
traveled road to destruction.

There it is.

Now choose another, as you stand before
your army recruiter.

Tell him or her that you want to serve
God and country, but not by killing
or learning to kill.

They might tell you to join the Peace

And this poem will not change the world;

men and women will still sign up to
kill, it’s a thrill like to the opioid addict
dropping that next pill.

Oh, but there’s always that stray cat
reader; the one purring on the fence,
re-thinking for a second how we claim
to cherish “national defense…”

“But that’s really offense, not defense,”
the cat wisely surmises.

Read these lines and line up no more
to kill.

Live by the gun, die by the gun—

say no to “country” if that’s the brand of
thrill they shill.

Give your life to God and ten commandments;
on to heaven if only peace of mind—

better than the pill…

Better not to kill!