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-by Bill Watkins 7/16/2017


I graduated a full-blown alcoholic from Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California in 1990.

A law-breaking, underaged drinker of alcohol, middle fingers in the air, a part of a gang of dudes called The Assholes.

I got good grades, was heading to a University of California school to play Division One volleyball, a sport in which I had also excelled at Poly.


But I had not learned how to live life in a legal, productive, honest and honorable way.

I was a liar—mostly about how much a I drank.

We had all been caught on a ninth grade ski trip, one of the kids puking all over a couch in the lodge lobby, outing all of us for “partying” with flammable liquids that night.

Alcoholics, be they fifteen or forty years old, are clever with admissions, and find ways to skate by certain hassles.

We got by that situation with a slap on the wrist, but no one thought to call the police or to get the kids to Alcoholics Anonymous ASAP.

My dream for Poly and all schools is that they put LAW into their Credo’s and/or mission statements. DO NOT GRADUATE KIDS OR YOUNG ADULTS WHO ARE NOT COMMITTED TO THE LAW.

I believe it more important to prepare children for LIFE than for overrated college.

In fact, when I was coming up, college was a False god—

“If you just get into the right college….”

The great solve-everything plan. #Hogwash.

There’s a lot more to LIFE than college, and as long as children must by law go to school, WE NEED LAW INSTRUCTION AND DEDICATION IN SCHOOL.

“But they are supposed to get that in the home!”

But they are not. So schools:

Put law into the curriculum today; I am available to teach it, as Law has become a passion in my sober life.

Yes, I am now fifteen years sober, in love with the law, and dedicated to telling the truth.

Freedom awaits, and a real God, oh yeah and Heaven—

Which may just be John Wooden’s peace of mind.