To the City Commission

-by Bill Watkins 7/20/2017


A revolution must start somewhere.

Cars have gone nuts.  Are overrated, and so-so if not totally bad for the soul.

Stop investing so much into them.  Into burning earth and going fast.

Slow down, walk.

Task your police to WALK.  Establish friendly foot patrols.  Note the number of Counts of Littering Code violation.

Budget the end of littering in your town, then broadcast to other American towns how you did it.

5000 bucks is a poor figure for sidewalks, James—and Michael, the “businesses are responsible for their sidewalks” thing is NOT WORKING.

Sidewalks are crumbling, weeds are collecting cigarette butts and other trash.

I’m not for big government, but let’s have SOME government to step in when Care and Example is needed.

Come out of the bars, rethink any imbibing of flammable liquids, inhaling smoke on purpose, WALK the sidewalks with a notepad and camera and add “Clean City” to Livingston’s repertoire of fun facts.

—Love, Bill