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-by Bill Watkins 6/23/2017

Noise Pollution1

Does anyone else want to know what it was like around here without the railroad?

The noise, the metal, nature neglected, wildlife running for the hills.

I like homes and convenience, going to the market and store for goods, but would be willing to have less of it in return for more quiet.

Killing the railroad might go too far, so how about just slowing it down a bit.

If we slowed it down, the horns could be quieter—horns that should be tested anyway for the damage that could be done to pedestrian ears.


Jesus walked, Buddha, Gandhi and MLK getting lots of mileage and social change with their feet, so what about you?

Burning earth and going fast?

I asked a group of kids in Livingston the other day what their passions were, and top among them was dirt motorbiking.  #Loud #Fast #Dangerous.

The Jews in the desert attempted to Please the LORD in all that they did.  When Moses went up the hill, they screwed up and started worshipping false gods, got drunk.

But when it was good, they did everything to Please God.  Burning incense, having bar-b-ques, David playing music, singing and dancing—

All to Please God.

God does not like loud trains, motorbikes that scare wildlife and sleeping children.

Be quiet, America!!!!