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I am sorry for my people.

We heeded the Devil, and made “conquering” a part of our goals, which is a bad instinct.

We are punished daily, for our crimes of stealing land that does not belong to us.

Kanekuk, the Kikapoo prophet said wisely that neither does the land belong to native peoples.

It belongs to the Great Spirit, to God Him or Herself.


However, that land was given by God to the Native peoples.

And it was not right for my people from Europe, to take it by force.


I am leaving.

Bound back for Europe to my homeland in England.

My people left the land of my forefathers over 400 years ago, came here, and usurped land not belonging to us.

And now the land suffers beyond most people’s understanding, in the form of horrible noise pollution, trash, crime, metals and cement blocking our walk with God in nature.


Please pray for me, and thank you for having me in your land for so long.

Rise up, using legal language and means, and reclaim your birthright, so that I might visit again years from now to see a thriving land, us the people serving and in harmony with it.


I hope my removal serves God, you and this land which will surely know that a strong Welshman from across the ocean came here 400+ years ago, stayed too long, but finally realized his mistake and is making amends.

God forgive us our sins, and God reward Native American peoples for teaching us so much, the lesson I will take home the most important:

We are a part of God’s land, the one given to us.

Highest Peace, Thanks, and Apologies with Highest Hope for your Revival of the Land upon My Departure!

—Love and Great Spirit, my Heart to this Land and to you, its Caretakers!

Bill “Naked Horse” Watkins