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National Security

What happened to World Peace?
We ended a war in ’45 to create
the United Nations to ensure World
War would never again return.

But if we go to the meetings,
we selectively listen, and only
sometimes go along with a U.N.

Ethnocentric, Team America we’re
better than others-itis has us thinking
too much, thinking, thinking that if we
don’t take care of it—

No one will.

Cocky, arrogant, distrusting, control-
freaking. We are scared; a backlash from
that ‘40’s war, the fear keeps running
and running, the Republicans holding
tight to money and status,

Democrats trying to break it down,
re-distribute the wealth. All sides
forget John Nash’s addition to proper
capitalism, that being the caring for the
group—not just “me.”

Makes the whole thing go better—

TO BLUE HELMETS!!!! Tired of U.S.
army green and desert tan getting killed
and killing, songs being sung at sporting
events where more helmets clash
and crash, concussions ringing bells,
calling Jesus’ wide path-walkers to

Blue helmets, the United Nations, the
product of many brainstorming and
decision-making sessions, not one
President’s intuition. The CIA must scale
back, no more backhanded covert crap
we’re done!!

I appreciate the hard times that brought
on tough measures, but how far can
one go justifying murder, the JFK
files still hidden so that sons and daughters
of corrupt presidents can sleep in CIA-
secured mansions.

No names tarnished, we can celebrate
our heroes as the truth walks into
a New York U.N. session. A small country’s
delegate, an African minister, a British
colony freed sends an officer to speak,
and they speak Peace. And they cross
a U.S. delegate claiming War as our great

The U.N. charter rocked, taking blows from
its host, hangs on against “National Security”
remarks—the blue and white flag waving proud into
the night, the nations getting stronger
as a poem fed by time and pain becomes suddenly
relevant as dawn to the homeless:

“World Security” is greater, the delegation
says, as the U.S. shakes its head. So young, so
Dumb, so proud, we are a child as petulant
as peace itself fighting its war through those

We fight, the alcoholic on its way to
the bottom, and I a minister of God
only pray:


Help us to see back to the Way,
Humility an asset not liability,
Listening as good as talking;

Rid us from Self and selfish
thoughts and actions.

Amen, World, Amen,

My president is You.