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We apologize for starting you
and not believing in you.

We apologize for the insane
nationalism of certain
scared rich Americans, who fear
“war on our soil” so bring it
preemptively to foreign regions.

Illegal is irrelevant to the silver-
spooned Ivy League “entitled.”

Bush family secrets, Skull and Bone
sinister eggs hatching in the
heart of the Beast.

American lives bought and sold—
lost and killed, CIA covert squads,
so sad, the Warren Commission
overseeing Kennedy’s case biased
and set on revenge for Ike’s
Bay of Pigs gone wrong, the fired-
by-Kennedy CIA head a member!!

I got bounced from jury duty for less
interest conflicted, Kennedy
assassinated over and over again with
each Chief sworn in on his grave.

Politics here a joke, signatures or money
to get on a ballot—IDEAS?? Shoved to
oblivion are concepts, that fear of
loss driving evil forward, away from peace—

From taking it on the cheek and giving
also the other cheek to hit, we used
to be a Christian nation.

But we warred, and having been hurt
enough, we gathered with you in ‘45
and charted a peaceful path. Mouths
moving while covert operations got
ratified by the atomic bomb-dropper
himself in ’47.

Covert operations with no checks and balances
from the people between the President
and untold violence.

“National Security” and patriotism touted
as fear is raised in red, white and blue.

Skull and Bone capes and robes swearing
silence as we guard truth, stamp it
“classified” and pitch to the people
“safety” and unity—

We’ve been had.

Smile, it’s worse that it seems, the Devil
cluttering our dreams; violence
and sports, violent sports, violence as
sport, and then more knocking on your
door asking for your support.

Say “no,” Americans, until Election
Reform supplants the garbage seeking
self now at the head of our country’s table.

An apology within an apology now
may I make to the U.N. for using this
apology to implore Americans to be better.

That is not your fault, our straying and needing
to be better, but let’s call it our
mutual concern that every nation
strive to improve on our way to
the pageant’s common goal year after
year of World Peace.

Please, I offer our faults for you to
correct, and I turn our government in to
you to observe at will. To decide our fate.

We shall have a vote but not more than
one, like any nation.

Our nationalism, the “covert” diabolical
side to CIA—should now and forever
be made ILLEGAL.

May we from now forward abolish
the backdoor, hidden policy in favor
of the front door.

May we come out of our closet to
shake the world’s hand.

Cuff us ’til this happens;
we are criminals, and I—

We I hope. Are sorry