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Forged in war, the bombs dropped
and “intelligence” was born.

Funded by us, but controlled by
who knows what, the cold war
instrument of the 1940’s still runs
and runs, the last major figure to go
up against them:

John F. Kennedy, and he paid for that
with his life.

The CIA, Central Intelligence Agency,
ratified by a death squad president
responsible for the only atomic attack
on humanity.

Impatient and scared, we look to
duck and deceive, hide our cards because
we don’t trust anyone—

Especially ourselves.

We have lost touch with our values, John
Adams and Franklin went to France, yes,
sought help and information, yes.

But religion was in their lives, and to spy
beneath them.

“What about spying in times of war?”

Your war is yours, never mine, two wrongs
don’t make a right, the “war” ending when
one side, not two—put arms aside and declare

Sure, when you stop fighting, you take blows
on the cheek, but there’s more peace,
More Peace.

They come through the back door, the honest
through the front. They avoid eye-contact
as the honest shake hands.

From the CIA motto:

“Preempt threats and further
U.S. national security objectives
by collecting intelligence that
matters, producing objective
all-source analysis…”

Good, good, that sounds good!!


“…conducting effective covert action
as directed by the President, and
safeguarding the secrets that help
keep our Nation safe.”

Bad, bad, that sounds illegal—
and should be.