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I believe that we will win.
Training starts, you start alone
or with a team, you see a prize
up ahead and dream.

You dream in church, you dream
in school, you dream before you
sleep, for dreaming for the successful
is the necessary first rule.

Love, passion, tears, blood—sweat.

For the glory of the game, God
help me shine today. Help me reach
inside, dig deep!! Show the world
what I got, get that prize within the lines,
you gave me a gift—here it is.

Dead in the water without its second part—
Sports is a dream we dream with our heart.

Reach across, shake a hand—this dream as
much about the respect for yourself
and others competing as how hard
you spike a ball upon the sand—reach out!!

It’s called sportsmanship. Sports men, sports
women, calling all people to achieve.
The window is small to be the best, but
even retired my favorite teams and stars
seem tatted on my chest, I love I yell
I write them along. To U.S. Soccer I sing a song!

Dodgers in my heart—not to say they’re all,
I love your team, too, especially off the field
when it’s said we must go that extra mile.

Make a child’s day, the child in us already
at play—you sacrifice it all for a podium,
cup, trophy don’t stall.

Get out there, you’re next