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Slave to Poison

I’m trapped in a weird
fantasy between two and one,
1.5 reasons why I can’t move
entertaining dreams I can’t wake,

The hope she’ll sober up goes down
in a fiery ball of flames over
the sea, horizon verizon wireless
just took off her dress better
undressed zip it up
potluck these things called dreams?


I’ve tried things—wake her up
myself with evidence I found
on a quest for first place.

She has denied me so many times
as I wait for ninth step amends
to pay off blessed inside a Beverly
Hills Cop sunshine.

Friendship, the past indefinite because
it changes with today’s acceptance
I give up, a slave to the dance,
I give up—a slave in a trance
this cannot be untrue I dip my feet
in the cold water that’s you.

Drunk, angry, belligerent your arrows
find me dreaming of your puking regret.

Sweating, shaking until the death
shake is near.
Death is real, but it’s not only that
we all unconsciously define as
fear—it is the rainbow after rain,

A hangover—

My favorite time of year.