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You won the game—good!!
There was a loser in the game,
go over make them feel good—


There are two prizes in sport: the win
and how you carry the sport.

Perspective helps, I used to rant
and rave and throw tennis rackets.

I used to curse and trash-talk ‘til
sarcasm tore the flesh off roses.

I looked across and tried to tear you
down, instead of shaking hands
and lifting you off the ground.

Then I got a spiritual life and
started reaching high. I hate
losing still! But manage to find a win
within the loss, shake hands with
a friend who’s lost, make a joke,
reach across the net to the other side.

Score points with God when you keep
your cool, remember it’s a game.

Some day you’ll see, you’ll win the gold
and the other prize, the one that’ll make
you just as happy, a long-lasting chance
to remember back.

Remember friends made, you played
the game—kept your head up
respected yourself and others,

Now that’s how to play the game.