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LA Filth1

Civilization.  Leaving the earth
behind.  Latching on to
parts of a big holy book,
leaving others behind.

Science.  Nevermind the snake
oil, the leeches, the blood suck—
Letting us know that fear
becomes a drug…

And drugs sold means lots of money.
Panic! It brings us to our knees—
from there, “Please!” many cry
not in prayer but at the deified
smocks of Western medicine.

Civilization. The real pandemic,
Cut off from the earth, from a
working faith;

We bow down to Science—
human, fallible science,
calling every theory fact,
Counting our cash,

Pointing up at hospital rooms
(great places to die)
instead of Native Great Spirits.

The Cure to believe in Nature,
in Creation.

But few can hear sound words
above the Suck,
the helicopter patrol, the
car addiction, the echoes
Streaming off asphalt’s oasis.