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The great excuse to misbehave,
not come to work, not say hello,
not shake a hand…

“Don’t even look at me,” says
the disease that treats everyone
like a disease…

Please. Covid response by
corrupt, confused governments,
anti-social germaphobes—

Have their justification, at last,
to cower without judgement.
It’s okay! You can fear others now,

and get the back pat by human
authorities, the white coats running
a panic game, a lucrative one,

pharmaceutical companies reaping
the harvest of your fear, assuring
you this is… Health.


Turn around.  Wake up.  Open up
your eyes and define life! Your way,
Health is extremely personal so

state your belief, seek your path—

But please stay in your lane, I’ve
got my own here!  Do you know
my medical past?  Do you know
the intimate details of what I’ve
been through?

If not, kindly care for yourself, wear
a mask, don’t wear a mask—your body is
yours, some say from parents, from
higher powers, creators, nature
or whatever! It’s yours!

Fear is universally unhealthy.  And
fear precedes anger, a state politics
finds itself in, when the other guy or
girl doesn’t do what we want them to do.

Live and let live, remember?  Adhere
to a glorious moral code, one from
books or old wisdom… but something.

Grab onto good principles to avoid
judgment of others, live your life
fear-free, honor Creation underneath

Underneath Covid-19.