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by Bill Watkins 10/23/2020

We were already getting kind of weird.  Fear rolling in, masks from Asia, Melvin from As Good as it Gets, OCD and germaphobia gone wild. 

Enter a possibly man-made virus from China, patents registered to treat “Covid-19” unearthed by journalists from years ago, preparing to profit from a great worldwide panic.  Pandemic?  Fear?  Who benefits from those things more than doctors and governors, politicians and drug pitchmen slinging pills for thrills to you on TV while the white coats draw your blood in hospitals, telling you what’s wrong and that they might be your only cure?

Hogwash never smelled so rank.  Masks on everybody’s face in the great nightmare of folks with Faith, folks who aren’t scared of a virus, man-made or otherwise.  The Devil excited, yelling “Social distancing!” in several different languages, here where I live in Mexico “Sana distancia” just as evil and against loving gospels and other fine principals of a pooped on past.

Fear is not healthy.  Panic is not healthy…  But the sign on the door assures me that I need to wear a mask for my “health.”  I’m still waiting for a government definition of the word…  Health is personal, is different for every single person I know…  So how in the world is a government going to help us all in the matter?  Politics have bought it, are in fact “all in” on Western medicine, are consummate buyers of the blood suck, the microscope, the assurance that the white coat and fancy degree is as close to God as we can see, so pay them and let’s call it Health.

Just like we call the bandage “Band-Aid,” the ant killer “Raid,” and the window cleaner “Windex.”  Western medicine is just a brand of health, but even you reading this may have until now just assumed it was in fact the road to health itself.  “Everybody’s doing it, so join us!  Mask out, man!  Dude, stay away from me, you might have cootie-germs!  What?  You callin’ me a germaphobe?!  Dude, it’s better than dead…”

What is death?  What is life?  And… what in the world is health?  If health and life to you is avoiding your physical death at all costs, you are dead in a very special place: it rhymes with goal, the expressing of which gives peace of mind, your soul.