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Great Mex1

The old Jews were “gathered
to their people.”

You live a righteous life along
the straight and narrow.
You stay the course,
once you find a good one;
You make amends for your
past ills and you seek a way
to live forever.

Eternal life is the stream, it
goes and goes with or without
us, but to make an impact,
to exist in a child through
blood or something you taught…

I wanna be in the cycle!

God places us perfectly where
we are, it’s fair and honest;
Sometimes young we get
abused into poor habits
that make adults out of us…

This is about finding our
way back to youth!

I wanna be in the cycle!

The grasshopper is there,
frogs in the desert climbing
trees today, who knows for

Moments are eternal, and
what we do can matter, so
measure well before carving
then carve with me a path
to heaven—

Today is the cycle!

Look up, sing, dance, give
your gift and take a deep
breath that one day will
be forever, a smile on the
lips of the mind’s peace
at having done our very
best, John Wooden’s test.

That’s the cycle!  See you
on it, let’s go, just be your best,
Wooden’s test let’s go