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I write of the hope of
the new, presented faces
and forms first seen on screen
or live in person, you see her
in a market, him crossing the
street, at the beach or in a lot
we stole from native America.

Peace and eternity shine in
those born and growing toward
truth and revolution.  The revolving
door revolves and we crash into
vivid rainbow eyes of amber,
gold, brown and green, earth
tones defending the planet
against more theft.

It’s tempting to use her in
a film, to turn Descendants into
Lolita part two, the director and
all mesmerized by youthful
willingness, but real men and
women know when to hold
back, when to bow, be humble
and how to honor life.

There’s endless hope in those
eyes; God help us honor the
Creation, our parents and our
first people instincts—

which know we honor best
by staying close to earth,
the right place for love tonight.