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LAPD Helicopter1

by Bill Watkins, Land Thief, 8/24/2019

( Title 11 enacted 1872. )

(2) Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise.

Written American law code is sort of a joke, when you think that the United States government was founded on land theft.  But while here, I’ll play with it to point out how unlawful LAPD and other police agency helicopters are, operating loudly and by code illegally over our communities.

I never see the criminals or suspects around here, just hear and see the horrible sounds and sights of LAPD’s warlike choppers—fine for the Hell of CIA’s war in Vietnam, but no good for a peaceful, loving society.  I smirk, for how can we ever be, if we do not invite native America back to their land, retreat to our own lanes and spaces—from our countries of origin to smaller tracts with permission and coordination with the natives?

A horrible sound and people we have let ourselves be, from the get-go rationalized by our bibles and guns.  “We must be better than the native peoples,” we belched, “because we can kill better, curse better, drink alcohol better and steal land better.”  Shameful.

Turkish Proverb1

The moment we turn back, we can rethink the asphalt in that road, the polluting machines we use to travel on them, and above everything else the horrible war machines police abuse to abuse the peace of our neighborhoods, called helicopters.  A horrible invention by a lost people, a people who have abandoned their fathers’ graves and past—

to steal the land of native Peoples in Martin Waldseemüller’s “America.”  We have lost our way, and the abuse of helicopters is representative of this loss, along with mass shootings and gun obsession.  If we ever should want peace of mind, we must turn this ship around;

it all starts by telling the truth.