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Composed on Westminster Bridge,
9 July 2019


Sifting through litter on the bridge,
Attained is a spot of relish.

The hot dog is wet with lies,
Slithering down the drain
That is industrial progress,
Yelping Celtic drums and
Scottish pipes as Master Bruce
Points to graves unattended.

Love is a warm place Londoners
Must go, the calm in winds between rains
Calming as the Thames claps at history.
We left the graves of our father
To war in foreign lands, supposing a bible
Could stand for truth.  Earth unloved
As the druids scattered, and with them the land,
Now divided in his and hers, the towel racks
And showers grand, suits of fine finish
Revolving into Parliament as John the Poor begs.

Life is litter now, waiting for caring clean-up,

The homeless may apply!

I’ll attend to my father’s grave all my life, Wales too.
Scotland was a king to serve when the earth was enough,

Is it for you?