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Killing Natives1

The military view, combined
with general notions consistent
with Darwinian survival, Jesus’
wide path to destruction and Lao
Tzu’s unchangeable world

looked across the Atlantic Ocean
once upon a time, conspired yet
further with perverse crowns
over a people obsessed with
deifying people ever since
Samuel walked up the hill
and asked the LORD for a king…

And stole land.

We called it “Discovery” and the
right of Christian nations.  It
was a competition, a way to
beat France and Spain if you’re
British, a forgetting we’re all human,
and to take land others occupy by force
equals robbery.

Then Karma gets attached and you
have black slaves work that
stolen land, promise to pay them
after a bloody war to free them,
then renege on the promise.

Karma keeps chomping at our
own butts, as we turn our guns
inward, murder our own president
in 1963, use the guns further to
murder children at schools,

but continue to go on MSNBC
and CNN to tout the Greatest
Democracy the world has ever
seen!!  (Unless you are living in
a reservation because a white
military forced you out of your
inheritance, land and livelihood.)

We live in stolen land, the beaches
are nice but the karma pollutes
sidewalks of concrete with litter,
asphalts of broken rocks, waterfalls
of crime on crime, jails filling up
because we put kings instead
of Higher Power over our lives,
took orders like good little
soldiers as we took up arms, left
our fathers’ graves and planted
a new Europe on top of Native
American burial ground.