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Say you are well, or all is well with you,
And God shall hear your words and make
them true.  –E.W.Wilcox

See how much better you
do today, if you refrain from
complaining about physical
ailments real or imagined.

See how much more you enjoy
this life, if you appeal to One
Doctor, Mother Nature, the
healing wind inside or out—

available to us all!  See what
life can be the moment we
stop fearing its cessation, your
health closely linked to what

you think and say about it.

You cannot serve two masters,
so if you believe in God, speak
in godly ways, not “my doctor
said I have…”

No you do not have…

You are alive for one more
day so I advise saying thanks,
live it, and smile.

The day the smile fades forever,
is the same one we give our
physical shell up, our spirit
if vigorous shines and flies

this way and that, here forever
with the things here that last

God, truth, and the way of
the American waterfall, shaping
our views to combine them in One.

Streamline your thoughts,
simplify your life, and find
at the end of days peace won,

Victories achieved by
abandoning the speed of drugs for
the calm stroll of pleasing God,

your path to heaven finally
and fully begun.