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Between me and love and
hate is a song of sweet nothing—
as in nothing without a thought
to God is complete.

You don’t have to call your
highest high that, call the power
that keeps you sane and
inspires what you will.

But call on it, and call on it
often!  Call on it before doing,
saying any single thing!

Because if you think it’s good
to act by your first impulse,
you will miss the golden rule,

act from lower, base instinct,

setting the bar so low, you’d
think the walls had closed around,
said in somber tones, “Clink.”

Life is real, life is earnest,
and the grave like Longfellow said
is not its goal!!

So ask God for help, change—let
go your way, pick up a code
and live the way of the ancients
plus your own invention, your

your gift to give the world, be they
children, magic or a way to
feel good while serving others
and making children laugh.

Praise God now, and abandon
the death march today…

Head for the light, be there
and pitch it to others; be a guide
in your humble search for Right.