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Love Donald Trump and all
his supporters more now than

Grant us all peace.

Especially the deceived, the lost;
the hateful and the spiteful.

Help all to know that fear
and weakness is at the core of hate
and violence.

Grant Love in the place of fear.

Help us to conquer self-will, to
replace it with your perfect design!

God bless Donald Trump.  Replace
the coldness with warmth, the
indifference with care, the golf
balls with real testicles, real feeling

and loyalty not among men and
women but to You and the teachings
of your Son, the native Great Spirit.

Forgive Trump his sins.

Forgive his supporters and their
neglect of traits like humility and
brotherly love needed to gain Heaven
at the end of this earthly walk.

Infuse Trump with your godly love
and spirit, one day at a time, so
that he may transmit that love to the
forty percent of Americans, ninety
percent of Republicans, who would
seem to follow sickness into the jaws
of death, a Klan rally, the pit of hate
we had thought demolished with
V-day 1945, and the founding of
the United Nations, soon after its
statement on human rights, Eleanor
Roosevelt a believer in peace, JFK
until his death, a final thought for
CIA who killed him.