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“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

Why fight the wide path on our
way to wherever, most go with the
flow of the other ants—who wants
to make waves?

Western Medicine is not health, but
you wouldn’t know that in the States,
watching the news or the commercials
in between pitching drugs at patients,

Alcohol at kids.

Alcohol at alcoholics, but where else
but here?  We have a second amendment
protecting everyone’s right to break the
sixth commandment.

We have a National Security Act to grant
CIA a blank check and immunity from being
regular Americans, but this is typical of the
wide path,

the one Samuel asked for when he asked
for a king to be like other nations.


A new child is born and with the birth hope.
All can change, the rock and valley stay the
same, good and bad oppose—Lao Tzu
reminding “We cannot change the world.”

It cannot be done!

Then a white coat enters a room with a

Eve came to Adam with a piece of fruit,
how big a deal can all of this be?

Can we go back up to the mountain of
Samuel’s mistake, make God king again?

Can we put the apple back on the tree?

Would we want to be innocent and free?

We are the moment we accept the child
within, that the baby born is us, that zero
place of nothing being everything, total
potential, a smile, perfection.

The child is health, is a blessed state, and
is within us in nature, then again it’s all nature,
isn’t it?

The child knows by sense, we cry when wet,
cold or sick, all of it spinning less like a path,
more like our planets, around and around the
sun of peace.

Feel sick?  Wait.  It passes.

Feel bad, it’s temporary, good the same way,
so beware the intervention—choose it
wisely after prayer.

Never deny God him or herself the time
and space needed to heal and care.