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Laughing out loud, one
begins to look around, consider
who “they” are.

The “Trump supporter” is a human
being, I respect that.

Donald Trump is a person, not
just an animal—I respect that.

Racist people are people, have
developed over time a prejudice
based on what Dad told them, Mom,
their community of friends or whatever
it was to seek good feelings.

Racism is the core of Trumpism, and
that is more evident with every Trump
supporter or TV channel talk I take
in to try to learn…


I was just on a tree-trimming job,
knew the guy I worked for was a Fox
News/Trump loyalist, liked to talk
politics and Hannity conspiracy theory.

That’s okay, as long as we can find
some humor and branches to cut,
a level of mutual respect that allows
people to agree to disagree.

My dad voted for Trump before he passed
away last year, and did so more out
of Hillary hate than Donald love.

Both my dad and this guy with the tree
have something in common, as they
have in common with all other Trump
supporters and apologizers:


Racial prejudice.

It may be deep down, or right there
on the surface, but Donald trump
came into politics race baiting and
birth-denying, Obama-hating, and

and his so-called “presidency” fails to
back off from hate, never taking a knee,
never apologizing.

The man with the tree pointed at me
when arguing, yelled and spit, touched
me on occasion as a way to intimidate
and bully sway.

When I did not budge, I thought it was
time to cut branches…

Then he dropped
the N word twice, flying his true
colors at last.

“Obama was a worthless, no good
N…” started a ramble I turned off, warned
him to stop so I could cut branches, adding
that I was raised by a black nanny, was in
fact “black.”

He started inside his house, knowing the
job was in jeopardy, then added something
to stir the pot about Obama and black people,

I walked out of the job, walked off the property
with my gear, the man yelling,

“Are you sure?”

Me yelling back,

“Dead sure.”

I pray for that man, for my dad’s spirit as
he would have turned 93 this Monday.

Prejudice is a weed that takes work
to remove.

I needed to do the 12 steps of AA before
I could let go of my racism, bigotry
and prejudice—along with my deep-seeded
misogyny and chauvinism.

I had every ism from loose behaviors,
sipping a false god called “alcohol.”


“Blacks for Trump” is a disgusting
backdrop to disgusting campaign rally
speeches in the middle of a stolen

“Niggers Don’t Kneel” would be more
honest, Trump.




And Giuliani?

Haha, he looks like a man caught
on tape with a Ukrainian prostitute
peeing on him.

Chirp, chirp—just how I want or I will
release the tape!!!

Yes, Vlad, no problem.

I concur, Vlad, saying the orange man
most-likely poor and in debt than rich.

Anything you say, Vlad, I just
want our countries to be friends.

I just want to make America White
Again—scratch that, GREAT!!!

Truthful hyperbole, we call it, and yes,
Cambridge, yes Bannon, it’s a good
way to keep the blacks from voting!!!

Clean Coal!!!

No Mexicans!!!

Blacks for TRUMP!!!!!