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The mother spawned us, all of
us riding a tide called Life begun
with a swim in unknowns, doctors
pulling out microscopes to note.

I love my mom is an odd expression
making complete sense—to love Life,
to love yourself, love a component
of gratitude or vice versa.

We celebrate God, life and the annual
turn of the sun around the galaxy,
if by annual you refer to the Cosmic
225 million years.

We cannot stir too far from Mom, around
her we are wise to revolve, the galaxy
a spin of moons and stars pulling us,
pushing us, love and space between.

We jump and return, because “Earth
is the right place for love.”  Mom,
Mother, truth and birth—the revolving
planet returns, waves to the shore.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, we’ve
come back to say “thanks.”  We venture
out on our vessels far but never leave
if wise, we honor the vibe—

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  To the Earth
and you I raise not a glass but the
shortest appendage on my hand, smile,
and thank you for the love,

Sacrifice and Truth.  We are a part of
you, hence celebrate ourselves today,
and life, around and around we go,
orbits and families swirling, mixing—

Ants on and in the hill, bumping
and creating—antennae crossing.
Everyday is Mother’s Day, to come back
to the beginning the essence of the Tao,

The song to the sow, the chirp to
the bird, the roar of the elephant, the
growl of the lion—extensions of Earth
singing Happy Mother’s Day at all times,

All days to say, simply:

Thanks, Mom.