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God gives us all a partner, should we
rise past certain age and size, sprouting
as seeds properly planted by some
all-knowing gardener.

There she is, the boy may declare if
blessed with guts, courage, and truth
to say against the wind that doubts, locks
and fears pride’s fall.

“The wife of your youth” appears in a gay
dress of sudden on a day nothing else
changed. She smiled differently; you loved
her because she loved you,

It’s happened millions of times before,
but before now your mom or dad was
your favorite person—now her.  What to
do now?

For a truly blessed life, never let her go—
that first one.  But since Jesus changed water
into wine, could move a mountain from there
to here—God can and will

if honestly, humbly asked—make your fourth
wife the one that works.  I don’t personally
know how it works but it does, I might even say
it doesn’t work but it does,

For God’s will is exactly what happens at all times
of day and night, and you are with God now.

Perfect, strong, and you.
Weak, loving and true.

It is not us that feel and strive that makes this
an interesting life; it is the blessing that
turns mundane into blessed, moments
unforgettable on a tennis court

of truth, when she saw you, you her,
She smiled your smile—it was one, and
you got married.