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Thou shalt not kill sounds weak
to the tempted, often vulnerable
warrior enlisted to “defend.”

I love you.  Let me say at the outset
that despite what happened to this
point in your life, there is a Power
that cares, a love that is real.

You do not have to kill a single person.

In fact, it’s better if you do not.

Killing is not self-defense, it never is,
it never was, despite what a drill
sergeant might yell in your face!

A heart’s beat does not have to stop
on the other side of the line, for the
threat of a shooter to stop.  There are
non-lethal approaches, De-Escalation
techniques, Love your Enemy said
God through Jesus Christ—

Love your enemy!!!

True self-defense is lowering your flag
of hate, the fear within you, judgment
and prejudice as you realize the guy
across the fence was born of woman, too.

There are no enemies, just fear and
misunderstanding.  You want to live by
the gun, you must accept dying by it, and just
because no one has shown you care yet,
does not mean that care does not exist.

Walk away.

Take a walk with God in nature.

Don’t believe in or hate God?

Change the name.  Consider Nature,
any Power that is greater than you.

Rest and trust.  See your part in this
life, walk away from death, and see past
the lie that you must kill to survive