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To delve in details is trite until
love is the answer—the reason for
the dive!

She stood unbalanced on a curb,
when I dove in to hug her.

We had never met, a forward move,
but we shared honesty on the street;

undressed figuratively, the move was to
share a physical thanks.

So many hold back, you never know—
so when she mid-hug backed away,
I merely figured she was one who holds
back, but actually:

She was being safe.  She knew she teetered
on a curb, so paused the hug to re-
position herself.  Braced on firmer ground,
she gave me fuller attention—

She was serious about hugs!

Serious about hugging me!

Braced she stood ready, arms out, muttering
something about the “curb” and “balance”—
then inviting me in warmly.

A great little hugger, memorialized a couple
poems ago.

That someone takes hugging so seriously was
a refreshing swim in a desert sea.

I dream of what else could be braced for,
hoped for, practiced and accomplished.

She almost fell, re-positioned and caught
me right—

A hug to dream on late in the night.

Love and peace dreamed in the crevasse
of night…

A crack of delight;

Hope the rainbow after rain, the wet
to drown away plight.