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Something there is that doesn’t
like porn, that believes in intimacy,
morality, monogamy and right.

She stands for God and God’s will,
threw out much of herself years ago
in preparation for marriage and family.

She loves truth, going straight for it,
never beating around the bush, a bird
in the hand worth more than two there.

There are no perfect people, just perfect
strivers, Maria Shriver so tall in her cause,
myself trying to forgive those who hurt

her family time and again for being religious
and peace-loving.  I am no fool, nor as naive
as some who believe they can change the sun.

Greed thrives in war, the spoils shining like
lust, pornography seeming a solution for
loneliness, for not having, we seek a

just reward for just being… And no one stands
up and tells you any different.  Then she comes,
the honest one in the night, an angel out

of dark, too truthful not to fight the pain beneath
the thrills of promiscuity.  My sex sponsor,
as I call her now, rising up against idle evil,

she shines a light, aware she is not good, for
only God can be, that other teachings from the
Son inspire that we “be perfect,” so we go for it;

Life best when we try, try, try to do the right,
right, right thing against the tide of wrong in
the ship God has given us, the only space

wanderer we’ll ever need, the Earth the best
vessel I’ve ever seen, there’s never a need to
really leave it, sorry NASA, we’re spinning right

now at super high speeds—depending on where
you are standing.  Could be that beyond the rocks
is a good roll, a way out of pain, but it’s just

as likely to come to you on the hill, still, after
mountains of meditation about the fox, the
hare and the Bill who invented with Bob a way

to stop drinking alcohol.  Some need twelve steps,
some stop in church or on the bible, but some
stop something bad, make booty calls,

justify other bad behavior “because I gave up
so much years ago! Can’t a guy have any fun!?”
Define fun, we must, Yoda might say that the

path to heaven is thorny but rewarding, be not
horny, or gorgy when you eat ice creamy, put
a Higher Power first, have some balance,

“If heaven you seek, hell you must know and
conquer first, my son” was never really said
‘til now, but look at Steve Miller songs!

I don’t condone pot, admit life is too tough
to write into a poem, but if you are unsure,
and are a man—about how to approach a

Woman…  Ask God, Higher Power, the nature
that in you perhaps years ago placed feelings
for a member of the female race, and I doubt

the feelings were for Sex right away, it was
pure and for love.  You wanted to be with her,
to go on a date, to spend time, then maybe to hug,

kiss, and when the parts showed up, okay
sex becomes natural, the whole thing predicated
on an honesty gene I did not have—or actually

that alcohol and home confusion urinated on
to discolor hearts, mine by eight years old
yellow with fear…

Break out and kiss your memory, read a passage
from an old book you believe in, or might
be willing to to break a rut.

Confusion clutters, muddles and scars over time,
to break its tissue cling to wisdom: Solomon
thought it wise to recall the Wife of Your Youth,

as did a later prophet, Malachi. After Mom and
Dad, choose One Woman to cleave to, enjoy
and spend time with—God bless you in your

choice.  Porn and fornication has no room for
a voice, if committed to the one in our heart
from the start, the wife of our youth who was

pure once, pure always in this long journey
back to childhood called Life.  I love the LORD,
all capitalized to represent the Jewish YHWH.

Don’t say it in vain, beware of the sex game, and
I wish upon the reader the luck to score an angel
like I did a couple weeks ago.  A sex angel, my sex

sponsor, pointing to God and chastising the limp
morality leading to constant gaming and rampant
sexuality.  Choose one partner under God,

and avoid the confusion, the diabolical duality,
the constant motion of self-pleasing that ends
in home-wrecking and closed doors to heaven.

Say “no” a few times a day, build good habits,
live for something bigger than yourself, some
call it Nirvana!

I call it peace of mind, thank my sponsor and God
for the bible and other wisdom, the narrow
thorny non-horny road we walk, never drive…

to Heaven!!!