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White Jesus told me to join the KKK,
vote for Trump and kick out aliens.

Jesus was clearly white, because of the
image I grew up with over the family

The real natives in the United States are us
white guys, my clan leader told me so,
and he is older and wiser than most.

The KKK has given me the family I never
had, togetherness and unity.

Hail, Donald Trump!!!


Our education system is greatly flawed,
should have been vamped or scrapped the
minute John Stuart Mill went nuts—but there
it was, we keep pushing classes at kids no matter
what they want to do.

Learning, reading, dreaming—enlightenment is
tough to come by, could be considered Grace, is
a blessing.

Love is grand, some form of God the antidote
for lonely looming around in gangs and sheets,
turning hate into action.

“God wants us to put America first,” tonight’s
leader proposed, and we knew he meant white
people, especially men—and I felt empowered.

Ethnocentric nationalism—country before God,
an evil like any other comes from pain not joy,
must be forgiven if it’s to be changed.

You don’t have to do anything.  Anger,
fighting fire with gasoline may not be the

Love.  But sleep first, root out evil in your
own life—keep the focus there, as all the best
philosophers from Jesus to Gandhi to MLK
reminded us as we took blows for justice
to thrive.

A watched kettle does actually boil if you
turn up the heat—watching it just slows
time and is boring, so live in the face of hate,

show hate some doors they can choose to open
to find the joy you have found.

Lead by example, show some other ideas to give
a choice to the lonely young man searching for

Reach out and love them.  If not ready, do nothing.

God, Higher Power has got this—we’re not
the greatest nation on earth nor a shiny city on
a hill, speaking of “America”—we’re just people
inhabiting a place, looking for peace.

To Nazi’s and neo-Nazi’s, racists, I say:

God bless you.  Before I got sober, I used to
be one of you.  I looked down on other people,
judged others to get a high because I felt so
low.  I didn’t even know.

I got sober, was at Taco Bell restaurant one day,
saw some black people come by, and I apologized
to them without saying why.

But they knew.  They knew I was raw, newly sober
like a newborn, ready to learn and change.

I love you, and would add that as I forgive you,
I hope you can forgive those in violent opposition
to your hate.  Hate plus hate is bad, both sides are

We all, whether we admit it or not, are looking for
peace so we can sleep well, live good days, safe,
fun, passionate and interesting.

I got sober, stopped being racist, sexist and bigoted,
and so could you—there’s lifeafterhate.org,
Christian Picciolini, ExitUSA and
Arno Michaelis’ book, turnaround stories I haven’t
fully read yet but understand to be testaments of
change brought on by love.

I drank Dad’s last sip of bourbon starting at
five, never expressed love, skipped my first
crush, disrespected the wife of my youth,
made racist and sexist jokes, and cut myself
off from real, honest feelings.

The devil was in my life, called in with that
sip of bourbon, I had to finally at thirty years
of age get sober and tell the devil to get behind
me, to get out of my life!!!!

You can do this too, but know you don’t have
to do anything to be loved by God, just as
I already do, because I know you’ve had a hard
time—no one listened to you until you joined
a violent group.

You knew there was evil, why the meetings were
usually secret and in the dark, but that feeling
was a rush and you finally belonged somewhere.

I don’t want to take the good feeling away, but
there is a replacement activity called prayer
and done in light.

Sing out your victory song like David with his psalms,
peg the devil, Goliath, and overcome your worst
fears, your angers turned into hate,

and prolonged hate doing what Yoda says
it does—

“It leads to suffering…….”

Suffer no more, see your choice to hate.

Then, I pray without pressure, with love…

That you make some day like I did…