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-by Bill Watkins and Robert Frost


When I see lies hurt left and right,
Across party lines equally,
I like to think my president didn’t make them.
But making lies isn’t bad enough—
You have to Act.  Often you must have
Seen DJT’s lies loaded with blaming
Others and advancing his bank account.
They click against each other on Twitter,
One lie after another getting in line
To be the next lie to drive the news story.
Michael Scherer of Time set to interview
The guy about “truth” and “lies,” a lo and
Behold:  Devin Nunes is running around the
White House lawn spreading more lies,
Like Easter eggs to spoil the kids a day after
Easter.  You may see lies arching in and under
Old tweets:  one says we should not involve
Ourselves in Syria from years ago, surfacing
As 59 missiles are sent to explode an airport
There.  “Who knew health care was so
Complicated?” was such a true statement in the
Form of a question from a gentleman whose
Lack of education and political experience is
Worn as a badge of dishonor, day after day
In the face of p-hats yelling injustice
And sexism.  “Locker room talk” brings
Chaffetz and others back into the fold
In time to rally the vote in 2016, Jared
“Playing Moneyball” with American votes,
Winning always the goal, not helping
The country with good legislation.
Winning, helping Russia—Trump’s apparent
Leading creditor, growing Ivanka’s brand,
Extending Trump family reach, helping
Russia, helping Russia, helping Russia.
And Turkey, Le Pen—anyone who shows
A strong hand and an antiquated nationalist
View.  Kick out immigrants, purify the race,
Build a wall and put it all in Barack Obama’s
Soulful, smiling face.  Tear Hillary down like
Someone who never had a mother.
Fuck you, Donald Trump, and all your
Ignorant hillbilly fans.  God bless us to a
Proper disclosure of your lies, your certain ouster,
And the restoration of dishonest business as usual
In Washington.  We need to pay our debts—the twenty
trillion dollars, the promises we made to
Native American tribes, reparations for
African Americans who descend from unwilling,
Sinful slavery—
And could we kill covert CIA, bring John
F. Kennedy’s murderers to justice, tell the Truth
About All our Sins?  Re-open RFK, MLK,
The bullshit Chapman murder of Lennon with
Clear political pro-Reagan cold war motives.
“Earth is the right place for love,” Frost had
Something there.  “I don’t know where it’s
Likely to go better.”  Indeed.  I wish loud
Helicopter pilots would read that line,
And I guess that’s my Truth, spoon-fed in
Frostian lines to remind us all:
It’s not where you start, it’s where you
Wanna go that’s important.  Dream and do,
But do not do anything over doing something bad.
And do not say anything, over saying
Something untrue—especially from the Oval
Office in Washington.
One could do worse than be Donald Trump,
If he wisens up and clears out of
Politics before he winds up in jail…
And us?  May we pay all our debts, and
Invite the Indian back to the table they
Helped us to set.

—Love, Bill